#2) First Steps

Publishing a blog is a dream come true for me, but scares and intimidates me almost as much as thrills. We’re going through difficult times (climate, pandemic, inflation, politics, race) and I’ve never felt so stressed in my life! Normally, expressing my sexuality my way (as a spanko) has been a stress reliever (though I am circumspect in a conservative area of the U.S. in a conservative profession), but not now. I’ve enjoyed writing as a form of self-expression, too. Then, just as we were entering lockdown in March 2020, the man I’d been seeing for over a year broke-up with me. So, I see this blog as a means of self-care for all this. I hope that I can become a member of the lovely community who regularly blog about spanking, etc. Here’s to a new year and a new adventure! Thank you for joining me on it!

I entertained vivid fantasies since the age of four of being captured, tied-up in vulnerable positions, and whipped by some unidentifiable authority figure. I gave these fantasies full rein as soon as the lights were turned-off at bedtime. I wasn’t spanked much as a child, but had schoolgirl friends who were, and I would thrill to hear their stories about it. I was raised in the Church, so was afraid to act on any of this, even date much until I left home for college. I smilingly confess that I’ve made up for lost time ever since. I remember (like it was yesterday) being in the dorm room of an upperclassman who I found interesting. My interest increased when I saw shelves of his books on display; he was an avid reader like me. That infatuation skyrocketed when I saw a favorite book of mine among those on the many shelves. I took the Anonymously-authored “A Man with a Maid” off the wall and looked up at Jeff.

“Have you read this?” I asked with a quavering voice, knowing the answer by the dog-eared condition of the tome.

“Yes,” he smirked.

“Do you have a taste for… spanking?” that last magic word catching in my throat, triggering a stutter.

“More like an appetite,” he answered, owning it in a way that made me feel light in the head and soddenly heavy in my sex.

“Let me be clear…” I remember saying, needing to be sure, “an appetite for giving or receiving?”

He laughed. I swooned at the way he assuredly said, “Strictly giving. Every team needs a player for each position. I don’t switch-hit.”

I kissed him. He felt emboldened to put his hand on my breast. I felt emboldened to move it to my crotch, to show him what he did to me. I got my first adult spanking that evening.

We are hardwired the way we are. I wonder about the initial experiences of fellow-spankos. (I am NOT asking about childhood spankings, this site is by, for, and about adults.) But please think about what your seminal (excuse the pun), early, or first spanking experiences were. When I (hopefully) establish a sizeable readership, I’d love to talk about these with you here!

My idea of what Eve looked like, thanking the apple tree for its forbidden fruit.

2 responses to “#2) First Steps”

  1. followed Hermione’s link here – welcome to blogland 🙂 May I add you to my reader’s list??

    One quick question – are you the JM who contacted me via the contact form on The Continued Journey??? Just curious…….


  2. So good to hear from you! Yes, please add me to your Reader’s List and THANK YOU! And yes, I enjoy your blog so thought I’d (finally) say so. Take care & have a GREAT day! Warmly, JM


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