#3) As of This Writing

I’m going to try very hard NOT to dwell on my most recent romantic break-up; this blog is a step towards moving on. Some of the writing I’ll post here I did years ago, some while with that specific partner, some at present. Some writings are based on reality, some are pure imagination. Sometimes I’m demure and lady-like, more often I tend toward the explicit and graphic. (A friend, Mr. Jones of “Spanking Emporium” blog, said that he enjoys my writing because it appeals equally to women and men. Another friend, Hermione of “Hermione’s Heart” blog said that she just skips over the sexual content in my work.) I hope readers of every taste will find something here to chew on. (I’ll try to remember to mark Graphic Content on those that warrant it.)

This blog is a labor of love for me, centering on a topic that is a defining aspect of who I am. What it is NOT is a forum for people of either gender to hit on me romantically/sexually (at least at present). I’m still digesting what’s happened to me, formulating who I am now, working out that old Wants versus Needs equation, and desperately trying to find the difficult Professional versus Private lives balance. I hope readers will respect that, I hope we ALL can be respectful and kind in our colloquy here.

A while ago, I tried to capture some of me in a blank verse poem:

My Pale Butt, the White Page, a Blank Canvas

I am a sexual submissive,

I aspire to be a great writer,

I hope to learn to paint.

I bend my bared butt over the knee of my lover, position it as provocatively as possible.

I bring up a new page in Word on my computer, choose the font, create a working title.

I arrange the easel in the light, open my new box of paints and fresh set of brushes.

They are all done from the same impulse.

I need to overcome my fear and be my authentic self, “Please, I need it, punish me, harder than ever, mark me as yours…”

I have to express my feelings in print, writer’s block or modesty be damned.

I long to capture three dimensions in two in watercolors.

That impulse is a striving for Truth.

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