#4) Baggage

I wrote this some time ago, just revised it. I needed to be reminded of the idea. Maybe you do, too.

It’s natural to accumulate some baggage in this trip through life. But every once in a while, you need to go through that baggage, scrutinizing every item. You need to ask yourself if each thing is still of service to you, and discard the no-longer-useful ones. (This is akin to the recent housecleaning method by “whatever sparks joy”.) When that’s done, repack whatever you’re going to carry-on-with neatly. You see, friends, and especially lovers, are like the Customs officials/airport security on this journey; it’s their job to go through your stuff periodically, too. You’re lugging around the weight, but they’re the ones who will become exhausted by it. You shouldn’t burden yourself or them with the excess.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

2 responses to “#4) Baggage”

  1. I saw your blog debut mentioned at Hermione’s, so I dropped in for a visit. Welcome to the crazy world of adult blogging.

    I agree about “baggage”, unfortunately I feel sometimes as humans we have certain handles handcuffed to our wrists, and before we can jettison the unwanted burden, we have to find the key first.


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