#6) I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

I don’t know why spanking is hardwired into me as a fetish. (If anyone does know some common denominator among all spankos, I hope they will share the secret here; I’d truly like to know!) I recall thinking that I was an absolute freak (when I was younger) because I got sexually excited by the thought of getting spanked. I was certain that I’d never find love. Later, I realized that I wasn’t unique, but still felt odd to be submissive. How could an intelligent feminist be a spanko?

My answer is simple; TTWD gives me a sexual charge of such high voltage, I would not change into someone vanilla even if I could. So I can entertain all the dichotomies simultaneously (and there are several of them, such as 1) most spankings hurt so much,I dread them, but I love the anticipation before and the glowing contentment afterward, 2) I’m fully autonomous, but crave to be put in the most controlling position, OTK, 3) I worship the beauty of the female derriere, am quite proud of my own, but relish the bruises and marks resulting from hard discipline with an otherworldly satisfaction, 4) spanking is a defining element of who I am, but it is unknown by all the people who know me in the everyday world).

As I’m sure is true of others in our community, I have collections catering to this fetish. I have clothes such as schoolgirl skirts and wickedness-inspiring unmentionables. I have shelves of books, from Sex with Shakespeare to Different Loving, from the A Man with a Maid series to the

Beauty series (under Anne Rice’s pen name), just to name a few. I have a large toy box filled with paddles and straps and whips, etc.

It’s taken me a lifetime to be able to declare that I am proud to be a spanko (though I’m still not in love with that clunky label)!

2 responses to “#6) I Wouldn’t Change a Thing”

  1. “I recall thinking that I was an absolute freak because I got sexually excited by the thought of getting spanked. I was certain that I’d never find love.”

    You and me both sister!

    I knew I had a spanking fascination at a VERY early age. When I was 10 or 11 and got aroused by it, I did some thinking: “Anyone who got sexually aroused by spanking girls was a pervert worthy of PRISON.” And THAT IS where I was headed! So I never, ever, spanked a girlfriend.

    15 years later I’m out of H.S., college, the Army, and dating this wonderful woman – who tricked me into spanking her! OTK and bare bottom! Her volcanic orgasm was one you only read about in novels!

    After, she (very shyly; not making eye contact) told me she loved to be spanked but didn’t tell me because she thought I would consider HER a pervert and never want to see her again.
    I told her I loved spanking and never told her because I thought she would consider ME a pervert and never want to see me again!! “Ships that pass…”


    “…spanking is a defining element of who I am.”

    It defines you? That’s quite a statement! And not sure it’s fully true. Maybe a part of what defines you…? A point of light in a thousand points? As much as I love spanking, if I never get to give or get one ever again I’d have some regret – and accept it.

    And I can’t leave his one alone:
    “I worship the beauty of the female derriere, am QUITE PROUD OF MY OWN.”

    Oh! Well, then. You must show us!


    • Unfortunately, I think A LOT of spankos feel this way starting out & for far too long.
      Yes, on this forum, I’m going to be forthright about my submissive orientation is most prominent among all my traits & characteristics.
      But because there is that other life, where I make $, etc. I don’t plan on showing my cute tushy here or anywhere except the privacy of my home.
      Thanks for responding. Keep reading here, please!
      Jean Marie


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