#8) MY Craft and Sullen Art – GRAPHIC CONTENT

I usually write on a legal pad lying on our bed on my tummy
with my panties pulled Down, so I can Diddle.
If the writing goes well, you can tell by the girl-juice smudges on the yellow paper.
I usually show my work to you like a schoolgirl would with her daddy or professor,
wanting your praise for the content, fearing your ire at the messiness.
I usually edit at our computer sitting on a pillow because of the Spanking
you always give me for being "Naughty" or "Nasty" or "Lascivious" or...
(or I gave myself because your efforts were Insufficient, or you were not at home),
and the towel on that pillow will be more smudge-stained than that pad of paper.
Is it any wonder then that my stories are all about
Submission and Sex, and my poetry is all Profane?
What a very cherished yet vicious cycle we've created,
where we both get what we Want, a Writing product, a sound Spanking, Orgasmic sex.

This piece is about how I used to write when I first started trying to express my sexuality on paper more than a decade ago. I now write standing up at my computer. It’s on a table that can elevate (or can be lowered when I want to sit). I prefer to write in the nude. Sometime (but rarely) in the bitter cold winter (like now), I’ll wear a short t-shirt (and, rarer still, thick woolen socks). I feel like Winnie the Pooh when I start to write, cute and asexual. If the writing is going well, my creative juices will start to flow, as well as my sexual juices. I learned from reading Hemingway to include lots of sensory details in my work, and spankings and sex are the MOST sensual of endeavors. Tom Robbins mentioned that he “tries to always write with an erection” meaning it should have intensity, focus, and intention. Vonnegut, with stories like “Welcome to the Monkey House” strikes the same chord. Did you know that children’s poet, Shel Silverstein, also wrote lots of erotica? I’ve always liked how Charles Bukowski chose to capitalize certain words in his work, so have replicated that here (and in the About sidebar, “Trailblazer with a Blazing Tail-end”). I hope that Dylan Thomas’ followers won’t resent my borrowing his title.

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