#14) Attention Must Be Paid! – mild sexual content

I’m a college student, a drama major, recently cast in my biggest part yet, the role of Mrs. Loman in “Death of a Salesman.” The director, whom I’ll call Mark, paid me the compliment of saying that, although I was “far too pretty an ingénue for the role, I had the range and talent to pull it off.” I was smitten right then and there.
The newly assembled cast went out for drinks after our first rehearsal, by midnight it was just Mark and me left at the table, and I began flirting in earnest.
“Do you think Romeo and Juliet were having a sexual affair as Shakespeare wrote it?” I asked naively.
“I don’t know, but in every production I’ve ever been a part of, they have,” he jokingly replied.
“You know, I should be spanked for the naughty thoughts I’m having about you right now…” I whispered.
“Do you have a taste for that sort of thing… spanking?” he shot back, intrigued.
“More than a taste, a full-blown, voracious hunger,” I answered honestly.
“Louie,” he said, quoting Bogart in “Casablanca”, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…” He took me by the hand, took me back to his place, spanked me hard and fucked me even harder. From then on we were an item, and I made sure that the rest of the cast, hell, the whole school knew it. I love public displays of affection.
We used spanking as foreplay, a huge turn-on for me, but I wanted more. Mark was so creative a director, with such a take-charge personality, I wanted to see how he would punish me. I wanted more than patty-cake sessions on my bared tush; I wanted to be thrashed. I needed to test my mettle in the way that only unleashed chastisement can. Half way through the rehearsal process of the play, the opportunity presented itself. Mark showed each member of the cast his make-up and costuming ideas late one evening. I’d just screamed the immortal line, “Attention must be paid!,” on stage, now I ranted off of it.
“You have me looking far too old!” I protested like a prima donna in front of everyone when he showed me his vision of my character.
Mark’s jaw dropped open, along with my castmates’.
“I won’t do it! There’s nothing in the script that says Willie and I have to be the same age…”
Seeing that I was adamant, Mark replied coolly, “We’ll talk more about this when I get you home, young lady.”
The car ride back to his apartment was stonily silent, which made me wet with anticipation. Once behind his closed front door, he was masterful in his low key authoritativeness.
“Don’t ever defy me again,” he stated in a voice barely above a whisper. “For doing so, you’re going to be punished. For doing so in front of the cast, you’re going to be punished very hard indeed. Go to the bedroom, strip off your clothing, and kneel on the bed with several pillows under your tummy and your ass high in the air…”
I scrambled to obey, feeling my sex grow ever wetter. When he came into our boudoir a few moments later, I quakingly voiced, “I’m ready for your attentions, Sir.” Now that it was the moment of truth, part of me wouldn’t have minded if he spanked me just a bit harder than usual and fucked me into obedience. I wanted him to see my pale posterior as a white flag of surrender. That cerebral part was overruled by my naked and lust-filled loins that I waved around in the air invitingly. He took off his belt and doubled it in his hand. I buried my face in a pillow and arched my arse out even higher.
It was the hardest whipping I’ve ever taken. Hell, it was the hardest whipping I’ve ever imagined. He made me count the lashes aloud as they were administered. At first, I was only able to do so after astonished yelps. Fire licked at my flesh as he cracked the belt across my backside. That gave way to the flood of tears. Unlike past boyfriends, the waterworks didn’t dissuade Mark in the least from his task at hand. When I’d cried out all that my ducts could come up with, I found myself moaning and whimpering as he laid into me with the leather and as I struggled to enumerate each additional stripe. God, it hurt! I couldn’t believe how it burned. God, I was in heaven! I was a phoenix, at once consumed and renewed by the fire. If I’d been able to touch my engorged sex, I would’ve cum repeatedly. As it was, my aroused vagina leaked molten jism and steamed throughout the ordeal.
“Eighty-nine, Sir!” I grunted as the belt beat the backs of my thighs, the expanse of my round rump long since completely covered with welts.
“That should be enough for now,” Mark pronounced.
“Thank you, Sir.”
He caressed my raging rear-end with lotion, making me melt and sigh. I heard the zipper of his slacks come down, and attentions of a different sort consumed me as I was mounted in the lazy doggie position, my favorite. Unable to withstand the euphoria any longer, I came soon after he impaled my sex with hard, deep thrusts.
“That was quick,” he quipped.
“Your whipping… did things to me…” I gave up trying to put it into words and accepted his thrusts and came again, loudly and longingly. In the next ten minutes I must have climaxed twelve separate times. I began to babble, as I sometimes do when in sexual nirvana. I had never reached this stage of enlightenment before with any other lover, and I had to tell him so.
“I love the way you fuck me… without urgency… as if I’m an all-day sucker to be leisurely savored… God! Your dick is a perfect fit in my vag… Just right… I need a cock, I tried lesbian sex once at a party. I like getting eaten out as much as the next girl, but I need a hard cock… I need to feel filled and stretched and… fucked… Oh, god… here I go again…”
As I orgasmed, Mark slapped my tender tush, bringing me to a place where all things temporal ceased to exist. As I plateaued, he fingered my copious jism up my parted crack and tickled it into my anus. Being very anal-erotic, I squirmed and blushed, and wished that he wouldn’t and loved every second of it.
“Ever been fucked up the ass?” he threw out nonchalantly.
I took a deep breath, wanting to articulate this as best I could under the circumstances of being completely brain addled and having a delicious finger worming its decadent way up my desirous derriere.
“Umm, no… I’ve always turned down the offers of past boyfriends… I’m… ummm… a little scared… oh, fuck that feels so sublime! …I don’t know if it’d fit up there… as you can attest, I’m fairly tight back there… I… ummm… oh, fuck! Do you wanna buttfuck me because I really want you to…?”
The lotion that had massaged my ravaged rump lubricated my rectum as I bit the pillow and tried, without success, not to climax. Mark had done it before, maybe with lots of girls judging by his expert technique. I accepted his attentions in a place I’d never entertained before. Remember what I said about loving sex because I need to be filled and stretched and feel fucked? Well, that goes double for butt sex. It hurt in the way his spankings hurt, in a way I craved. Needless to say, I came from the experience.
An hour later we were spooning and sharing pillow talk. My bottom radiated and my sex glowed and my anus emanated warmth, but all three together didn’t match my over-brimming heart.
“Sir,” I changed the subject, “tomorrow, when we see the cast for the first time since my… outburst, I think you ought to inform them that you punished me soundly for it…”
“That’s an interesting idea,” he remarked.
“Thank you, Sir.”
“But it falls into the category of topping from the bottom, a very distasteful habit in a submissive…” Mark pulled the bed covers down, exposing our nudity. He pinned me down to the mattress like a bug with a hat pin through the thorax on a science project, and delivered to my squirming and sore seat a sound spanking (which got us both excited and triggered another round of coitus).
He waited until the rehearsal was over and he was giving notes in the Green Room about our dress run-through.
“Willie, we could still use more fatigue in your last scene. Biff, that was better tonight. Hap, I want to see even more longing of your Dad’s approval… And Mrs. Loman, come here…”
“Yes, Sir?”
“Your age make-up is appropriate and your performance tonight was inspired!”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“Do you care to share with the rest of the cast the reason why you changed your mind from what you vociferously voiced last night?”
I felt myself blush crimson. I also felt my submissive nature rise to the fore, as my insatiable sex salivated like Pavlov’s dog. “You answered my unreasonableness with a hard, bare bottomed strapping with your belt. I deserved every painful stripe.” Remembering that I had on a thong, I raised my skirt and gave the all-male cast a good look at my marked behind. I could feel the heat rise in the room and sense boners growing like mushrooms. Loving the public display of affliction, I added, “And I hope that you’ll spank my sore bum before sex tonight, Sir.” I kissed him passionately, his hands held me tight, one on each round cheek. I hugged him back and let my long skirt fall like a theatre’s curtain.

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