#24) My Intention and the Results

I sit down with a cup of tea to write the sweetest stories
wanting to talk about pink-cheeked co-eds
just discovering their taste for discipline
and their lovers who happily comply,
and spank them all the rosier.
Then, with all parties turned-on,
they segue to love-making and cuddles;
desire and fulfillment.

But I end up telling tales
of the most brutal butt-whippings
with belts and paddles and canes,
bruises, blisters, and tears,
and sex that’s raunchy and dirty.
I like to tell myself that I don’t know where these things come from,
but last night’s all-nighter, when you
rode me hard and used the riding crop on my haunches
until you wore me out, informs me otherwise.
And I wonder, sipping my tea, when I’ll next be able to sit…

4 responses to “#24) My Intention and the Results”

  1. The first stanza of this blank verse poem reminds me of the couple pictured on my Home page, a wonderfully evocative portrait done by the artist, Birdfish. I’ll talk more about that later…


  2. I think a lot has to do with whether one is engaging in the lifestyle or between adventures/partners. “Not having it” is a strong catalyst for writing in extremes. As a writer of such material, I have found it’s like shopping while really hungry or when bloatedly full………….neither result in smart shopping. You kind of need to be somewhat interested but not needy to write good erotica. If one writes when very horny, the phrasing becomes strained and somewhat self-serving or self-indulgent. It becomes a personal outlet, not art. I know because it happened to me early on and I think I still have a ream’s worth of stories that I will never submit or show because of how bad they are. Not that the writing is clumsy, but the need to write kink at the time overpowered the plots and narrative.

    As for commenting on stories? I am neither shy about commenting, nor unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the subject. However, I find that I am VERY VERY VERY hard to please with kinky writing and unless solicited for serious critique, prefer to just wait for the next post that prompts a thought. Frankly, I prefer subjects or issues as prompts for comment.


  3. Oh and “KDP” or even “KD” is fine. “Mr. Pierre” sounds so……………….antithetical to who I am and even how “KDPierre” originated. πŸ˜‰


    • I will try to refer to you in writing more casually in the future, but it doesn’t come naturally to me. I’ve been invited by a number of older men-Dominants to call them by their first names (Mr. Asa Jones of spanking-emporium blog comes immediately to mind), but called him/them “sir” seems much more comfortable.


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