#26) Like Corner-time

Like many submissive girlfriends I’ve compared notes with (along with texted pics of our bruised butts the morning after), I HATED corner-time. As if being put in that humiliating position over the knee (that I secretly adore) and given a painful punishment (ditto) wasn’t bad (divine) enough, your lover is of the opinion that you haven’t hurt sufficiently. So, he/she directs you to stand facing the corner with your flaming buttocks on display for a while. Only after you’ve served your time contemplating the err of your ways will that lover comfort you.
Well, late last night, while I was standing with my panties down at half-staff, staring blankly at where two planes meet in a straight line, wiping the copious tears from one set of cheeks to apply them to the lower set to try (in vain) to extinguish the raging fire there, I decided that I didn’t have to buy-into the prescribed mindset. From the depths of my subspace, I realized that I could turn this whole thing upside down. I could turn my frown into a smile simply by thinking that I was very proud of my well-spanked bottom and wanted to show it off to the world. There’s an old adage that “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it, that ones’ attitude means a lot.”
And it occurred to me, as I arched my lower back and thrust my reddened rump out, that this was analogous to my presence here online blogging. Far from feeling humbled and chastised by a sound spanking, I want to show it off by writing all about it.
I snuck a look over my shoulder at my lover, thinking to myself, “I might be bare assed, but not in the least embarrassed!”
“Have you learned your lesson, little lady?” he inquires in that deep voice that melts me.
“Doesn’t it look it?” I pout like a teenager, dodging the question. I try to never lie; that means I must be quite creative at times.
If Tops could read their bottoms’ minds, we’d get three times the spankings that we get.
So, instead of pressing my nose to the corner, I step back, show off my flexibility by bending at the waist. I feel the cool breeze and know that my buttocks are parted obscenely. “The sun don’t shine on my exposed butt-hole” only because I’m not outside. My loving Top seems to enjoy the view (judging by the tenting of his trousers), so doesn’t admonish me to reassume the proper position.
With my backside on full display, with blood rushing to my head, with my pulse pounding in my pussy, a thought occurs to me. I don’t understand the concept of “mooning.” Some people apparently find it amusing to briefly bare their buttocks in public to another. I love showing off my bared butt; it makes me feel empowered! I don’t “flash” it; I’m proud of my ass, all the prouder if it’s been spanked. I look between my legs from the corner at my man, sitting there staring at my split and proffered bum, and think, “Take a photograph, it lasts longer!”

2 responses to “#26) Like Corner-time”

  1. My husband makes me stick my nose all the way in the corner, so my nose literally touches both walls. The only way to do this is to stick your own butt out obscenely. Humiliating.


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