#27) Sitting Afterward

After the punishment, my lover instructed me to sit my bared ass on the hard wooden stool’s seat, in order to think about my wrongs and the consequences. It was just another form of corner-time. I didn’t like it, but I obeyed.
A half an hour later, he asked, “Well, what do you think?”
“Lots of things…” I replied. “I think my poor bottom is throbbing and this damn stool is murder. I think it’s a crime not to give your loving, contrite submissive the after-care she needs and deserves. I think anybody who wouldn’t take the opportunity to caress and comfort this perfect ass must be a perfect ass…”
Once again, my smart mouth had written a check that my smarting bottom would have to cash. My lover up-ended me over that stool and paddled me all over again. But I think I made him think because he hasn’t made me sit on that stool after a spanking since. Maybe corner-time is a two-way street.

4 responses to “#27) Sitting Afterward”

  1. The inestimable Bonnie of the esteemed blog, Bottomsmarts, has written recently about how her Randy prescribed a similar punishment for her. When I read her words, I reflected that great minds of creative Tops must think alike. A former lover of mine would often direct me to do as described. Besides the stool, he had a chair woven from wicker-reed; he’d take the seat-cushion off and make me sit there after his spankings. I hope this brief piece captures these evocative moments.


  2. Jean Marie, have to say that I am really enjoying your blog. Liked the thought behind this post and the last! I also prefer to show my spanked bottom off.


    • Thank you so much for writing, merksmith! It’s empowering to show it off, if done in that right mindset; if ever we meet, we must pledge to bare our bums right then and there! Deal? If either of our backsides isn’t sufficiently red, the other gets a turn at spanking it to full-blush. Are you with me?


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