#29) FYI – I Screwed Up

I’m reminded of a meme I saw recently. “Life is a bitch. If it was a slut, it would be easy.”

I find this WordPress platform not to be very user-friendly. I just tried to clean-up my media library by deleting some used photos. I didn’t realize that this would delete them from the posts they accompanied, too. So now seven previous posts don’t have the attractive icing on the substantive cake. I’d spent a lot of time searching for these photos; I’ve been complimented by several kind readers on my selection of these photos. I don’t have time to go back and find them again. I feel stupid for this mistake. Given my nature, I’m used to confessing my wrongs when I commit them (not to a priest, not to my God, but to someone who can do something tangible about the matter). So picture me as I mentally picture myself.

2 responses to “#29) FYI – I Screwed Up”

  1. Don’t you also have those images on your computer? I keep all of the pictures I use on my site in a folder on my file system. If, for some reason WordPress loses them, I can add them to the media library (on your dashboard click “Media”). Once in the library, you can put them back into your posts. If you need help with WordPress, I can probably help you.


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