#31) Hogwarts by Birdfish

I absolutely LOVE this artist’s work! This piece is indicative of why. Its composition is framed perfectly with the curtains drawn back on each side, the lovely view through the window, and that lovely student presenting herself so well. I’d like to show you several pieces by this talented artist, and you’ll see the common element of focus on a young lady with her bottom bared, and both that bottom and her thighs freshly and thoroughly spanked. Birdfish doesn’t feature skinny little ladies, or gorgeous model-types; they’re real-world women. This is a healthy young lady with a nice, big bum (yes, those adjectives DO go together well) and thick thighs. I love her kneeling posture, with panties turned inside-out as they were lowered
I don’t claim to be a Harry Potter expert, but I have read each of the works several times. This student is a Hufflepuff, a hard-worker, like I am. (You can tell by the color scheme.) There’s a Marauder’s Map on the windowsill. It proclaims that the bearer is mischievous, a rule-bender (if not outright rule-breaker). Hence her rosy backside.
The question naturally arises, who bestowed this warming to her tush? I’ve never written HP fan fiction, but I’m about to give it a go. It could be a fellow student (of either gender). There is a lovely story to be written about how this girl is in love with a peer, and that dominant lover spanked this submissive lass caringly. (But that tale won’t be told by me here right now…) I prefer to think about how an authority figure thought that detention or taking away house points wouldn’t be sufficient for this trouble-maker. She’s in her last year here at Hogwarts, she’s eighteen years old, for gosh sakes, she should know better by now! The candidate from the Hogwarts staff that immediately comes to mind is Snape. But if he were to thrash a deserving backside, I don’t think he’d stop at this point, when she’s merely reddened and warmed, not worn-out and broken. (Or has Severus only given her a first set, and she has much more to come?) Or, of course, it could be headmaster Albus Dumbledore doing the honors on her bum. He is my favorite character in the whole series (especially as he was brought to life in the first movie by actor Richard Harris). This might be my reading-in more material than the artist intended, but, given my voracious taste for it, I get a sexy quality to Birdfish’s work, this piece in particular. J.K. Rowling wrote Dumbledore as gay (did you know that? She given several interviews revealing her backstory ideas), so that seems incongruous. I prefer to think it is Professor Lupin who spanked this young lady’s derriere. (He is another well-drawn, favorite character, but I could say the same for Sirius Black, or many others.)
If you know the classic series of books, Lupin keeps a secret. He is a werewolf. When the moon is full, he must take great precautions to keep the student body safe from his carnality. He has become smitten with this enchanting student, let’s call her May. She is just as enamored with her wise professor. So they tryst, and while snogging and fondling, they express a mutual fondness for impact play. She purposefully misbehaves often expressly in order to receive spankings from her mentor/lover. She assumes the pictured position, and just this simple act arouses her mightily. He slowly, lovingly raises her skirt and lowers those knickers. Her full, pale moon beguiles and mesmerizes Lupin the werewolf. He spanks her with his hand. They both become ragingly excited. He uses her magic wand to cane to with; May climaxes.
“I do not want the heat of our passions to carry us away,” Lupin intimates in her ear. “I’m going to let your bottom cool a bit before proceeding with more discipline and my asking you a question.”
“I cannot be dispassionate when in your presence, sir,” May whispers back desperately, “especially with my bottom bared! Please ask…”
“I want you, May!” he declares. “I want you with all my being! Does our age difference matter to you?”
“Not in the least!” she reciprocates. “And I love you! Please, let’s do this…”
So this is the tableau that Lupin sees, that we all take-in. She has never felt more alive, her backside is radiant, every nerve in her body is tingling. She holds still, facing forward, as she hears the fly of Lupin’s trousers unzipped. He extracts his erect manhood. Like a divining rod in his hands, it trembles and guides itself toward her wellspring of femininity…

Check-out Birdfish’s work at https://birdfishbunny.weeblysite.com or support her at http://www.patreon.com/birdfish

2 responses to “#31) Hogwarts by Birdfish”

  1. (This is my third try to get this to post. If it doesn’t go through this time I’m giving up. LOL)

    I prefer your consensual awakening spin to the usual ‘school discipline’ formula. The use of physical punishment in a school bothers me since I saw some very extreme examples in my day at a Catholic School in the 60’s. The Harry Potter movie where they were forced to write with a pen that scratched them until blood was drawn actually sickened me a bit, and I found myself outraged that the parents of these students allowed it to happen.

    Among my stories there can found a few school-centered pieces, but in one, the recipient of the punishment was so desirous of experiencing it that she lied (a la Tom Sawyer) and took blame for something she didn’t do just to get whacked. Complicity I can handle. Forced physical punishment is another story. Perhaps it’s because so many school discipline stories don’t feel real. Offenses are rarely as black-and-white as fantasy would have us believe. (In another piece, I wrote about the stereotypical English boarding school trope and I did so only in order to twist it into something utterly extreme and undesirable. I recall a lot of folks didn’t like what I did with that piece by the end….although they were all very pleased with the beginning where I intentionally led readers down their rosy familiar path.)

    Since you write, I’m curious as to what you feel a “spanking story” should be? My intention is as unusual as it is unpopular….although I do have a few things on Amazon. And of course, I don’t always have the same intention, though throwing a rabid howler monkey into the rainbow & unicorn world of spank fantasy is not uncommon for me. LOL


    • Dear KDP,
      First, I’m sorry you had a difficult time posting!
      Second, you often bring a smile to my face, thank you!
      Now, what should a spanking story contain according to this struggling wordsmith? It should be plausible, I hate plot holes. It should have well defined characters, preferably likeable ones. It should have some word play, some artifice. And finally, I like it to be sexy. Sometimes I just suggest it & don’t spell it out. Sometimes I just need to get dirty, be graphic, write in such a way that it makes me wet. That’s half the reason I write in the nude. The first half is so that I can easily and painfully spank myself, and the second reason is so that I can quickly and unabashedly reach down and diddle! That’s my version of a rabid howler monkey in our rainbow and unicorn universe.
      Always fun to talk with you!


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