#32) My Favorite Birdfish painting

I am smitten, deeply in love with this particular piece of artwork for so many reasons! When I look at it, I think of that adage, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” and I hear Rod Stewart and the Small Faces singing, “Every picture tells a story don’t it?”
It looks to me as though they are college students, maybe in graduate school. I like how he can only grow a scruffy beard, I adore her thick thighs, I’m beguiled by the fact that they are not the stunningly beautiful people, more like a fraternity friend and the girl next door. They’ve dated once or twice, kissed passionately but nothing more. She’s asked him to join her for a walk in the nearby arboretum. It’s spring, but (because there is a ballgame going on) the woods are nearly deserted. They stroll hand-in-hand and talk all afternoon. He picks a handful of lavender flowers, breaking the rules, and gives them to her. She’s a rule-breaker, too. She guides the discussion, steering it to sexual matters, reveals that she’s not vanilla, likes a little tabasco sauce, needs a little spice. With hearts hammering, they reveal for the first time out loud to anyone that he’s a Dom and she’s a sub. Giggling, they have to experiment, leave the trail, he sits on a log and takes her over his knee. They talk their way through it, communicating openly as he spanks her marvelous big bottom and the backs of her thighs. It is all that either of them ever dreamed it would be and more. They’ll go back to his dorm room later, where he’ll spank her again, confirming that fireworks explode every time, and make love. But there’s no hurry; they’re relishing every moment for the time being. Look at his eyes; he can’t believe his great good fortune to have found this incredible girl. Look at her eyes, she’s falling in love, so fulfilled that a lifetime fantasy is just as incendiary in real life…
You are free to make up your own story. That, I think, is the true meaning of an evocative piece of artwork (in any medium), it conjures up a whole host of thoughts and feelings.
Please look up Birdfish’s work at https://birdfishbunny.weeblysite.com/ and think about supporting her at http://www.patreon.com/birdfish/ She’s a self-proclaimed spanko with a fascinating body of work, and I’m proud to promote her accomplished work!

One response to “#32) My Favorite Birdfish painting”

  1. Here is another example of characters that have more to say, so I’ll probably be revisiting them in the future with another post. I also want to show and discuss several more works by Birdfish on my site. But for now, I hope you have a sexy Saturday!


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