#38) Valentine’s Day Haiku

You gave him a note
expressing love, but he saw
it differently…

Your heart-shap’d bottom
colored red by your lover.
Valentines exchange!

Truth to tell, I hate Valentine’s Day! It seems artificially imposed upon us by Madison Avenue, Hallmark and other card manufacturers, the flower and candy and jewelry industries. It reinforces outdated stereotypes. It places a lot of pressure on everybody.
From the time I was a schoolgirl and thereafter, I dreaded the approach of mid-February and all the attendant questions to this “holiday.” Did I have a significant other in my life? Did this person know that they were significant in my heart? (I have the tendency to fantasize instead of act, to dream instead of discuss.) How should I show this affection, would this be too much, is this gesture too trivial? (When younger, this meant wondering how far to let him go, when to let him fondle a tit, when to let him pet the pussy?) Is this object-of-my-affections with-it enough to reciprocate in-kind (with a suitable gift, dinner plans/reservations, etc.), or should I remind them?
Alas, I’m no longer a schoolgirl (the evidence of a closet-full of short, pleated, plaid skirts, and a dresser drawer brimming with white cotton underwear and knee-socks, and an umbrella-stand containing only one bumbershoot but a wide selection of rattan canes notwithstanding). Do you remember back when you were young, and you’d proudly proclaim that you were five and a half? Well, I’m thirty two and a half years old. I could never have imagined when I was that schoolgirl that I would be my age and unmarried, without children, alone. I also could not have fathomed living in a time when I wore a mask out in public, didn’t wear a spritz of perfume because it would go unnoticed, that I feared going out in public too much, abstained from socializing. Maybe, after two long years, we’re about to turn a corner with this pandemic (many people have behaved as though we have for too long).
But, if you are like me, and will be spending this Valentine’s Day alone, take heart! No matter your gender or orientation or age, treat yourself well. Fix yourself or order a special meal, pamper yourself with a bubble-bath. Don’t be shy, indulge yourself! As you’ve probably guessed, for me that means indulging in a long, hard self-spanking and an equally vigorous session of masturbation. Unabashedly buy yourself a new sex toy and/or implement and try it out, go through your collection and reacquaint yourself with everything there. Have fun!

One response to “#38) Valentine’s Day Haiku”

  1. I’ll confess to the fact that this V’day put me in a funk. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to pull myself out of it by attending to my bared bum and attending to my hungry pussy. I’d planned to publish LOTS of poetry here today, but am going to dial it back. What matters is that we each take care of our hearts in whatever way works!


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