#40) The Gift of Cherry Part I – GRAPHIC CONTENT

If you follow the blog, spanking-emporium.co.uk (and I hope that you do, it’s wonderful!), you know that Asa Jones featured some stunningly beautiful photos of the model Cherry and a scenario recently. He wondered what I would do if presented with the gift of Cherry as a pleasure slave for several days. Wonder no more, dear Mr. Jones, here’s my reaction.
I just finished reading the post on Mr. Jones’ site when there was a knock on my door. I answered it to find an indescribable creature standing on my stoop.
“Hi, I’m Cherry!” she smiled. Her British accent made this sound eloquent.
I said “indescribable” but let me attempt to put into words what is so ephemeral that such incredible beauty beggars all description. Cherry has hypnotic eyes, I immediately fell under their spell. She picked up her small suitcase and stepped indoors. As she set the valise back down, she shrugged off her cloak, and she slipped out of her espadrilles. The tweed over-garment fell to the floor onto the shoe-tops, and Cherry stood before me as naked as the day she was born. Let me amend that, Cherry wore a slave collar around her neck with a red silk lead-leash attached (and bellybutton jewelry), but that was all. She might have been an adorable new-born baby, but she was even more beguiling now in her twenties. Everything about her was feminine, like the ancient fertility dolls that archeologists have discovered, Cherry was roundness incarnate. Luminous round eyes looked up at me, then were lowered submissively to the floor. The most magnificent, the most bounteous breasts rose and fell with her breath. Ripe, erect, red nipples crowned each fleshy mound. Her figure tapered down to a slimmer waist. Even this part of her anatomy proclaimed fertility, she had a rounded belly indented by an innie-navel. Her hips swelled out, child-birthing, womanly hips. She had a shaved pudendum, bared to the human eye and those of the gods, so that all could worship at this altar of sexuality. The same satin-smooth skin upholstered her thick thighs and shapely legs. The great writer, Tom Robbins, described a lovely protagonist in one of his novels, Jitterbug Perfume, as having “porpoise thighs” resembling the smooth soft firmness of both mammals, dolphin and damsel. Cherry had just such porpoise-like rounded resplendence. I looked her up and down, then saw a small smile play at the corners of her lips. I realized that I was being rude by my silence.
“I’m sorry,” I stumbled, trying to overcome being dumbstruck, “I didn’t mean to be rude, welcome! …You probably know that I’m Jeanie… I have never been given such a lavish gift, you are… stunning…!”
“I’m so glad you like it… er, me…” she said, handing me the end of that red leash.
“Let me ask you something,” I muttered, trying to focus my reeling mind, “have you been ‘with’ other women before…?”
“Yes,” she smiled as openly as everything about her was, naked, right out there.
“Well, I haven’t been… I’ve fantasized about it, but never in reality… and you’re so beautiful… it’s intimidating… but I want this, come here!” I led Cherry by the leash into the room, sat on a straight-backed chair and draped her pulchritude perfection over my lap. I was now confronted with a wonderous, round rump. I was powerless not to caress her sumptuous curves with both hands, appreciating their firmness, smoothness, heft. I parted her orbs, glimpsed her humid valley and a tiny rosebud, contrasting erotically with her large buttocks. I began spanking her.
“Have I done something to displease you, Mistress?” she said to the floor before her.
“No, no! You have pleased me immensely! This is the most… exciting thing…! This is how I can best deal with such… “
I spanked her bottom with purpose, briskly and hard. The pale peaches-and-cream complexion pinkened, warmed under my palm. I didn’t try to speak, just concentrated on the task at hand, bathing in the luxury of concentrating on such a perfect ass. I would’ve loved to have continued for hours, but she was already magenta and hot to the touch after just precious moments of abuse, and she hadn’t done anything to deserve it, just been too gorgeous.
“If I spanked you more… would you climax, just from that?” I breathed heavily, rubbing her inflamed flesh because it was so sensual to do so.
“I’d like it, but not enough to orgasm. I’d need to be fingered simultaneously…” she replied, turned her head to look up at me as she did. I was the one to blush under the scrutiny of such beauty, even though she was the one over my knee and with her head lower than the rest of her torso. Did Cherry notice this? Did she realize that I was so impressed, to the point of tongue-tied, with her countenance?
I had a flashback to when I was sensually leathered by a Top years ago. He ordered me to scissor my thighs together as he strapped me, and much to the surprise of both of us, I came spontaneously, spasming hard. I wished that Cherry was more like me, because this was what I was confident doing, everything else would be uncharted territory. Then I got an idea to shift the whole power-dynamic paradigm. I’d be the only one that mattered to survey the territory before us. I punctuated my lecture with the percussion of periodic spanks.
“In his blog post to me about you,” SMACK! “Mr. Jones said that you are to be my pleasure slave.” SMACK! “My pleasure, Cherry, not yours.” SMACK! “For the next several days, we’re going to do things that’ll get me off.” SMACK! “You are to try your best not to orgasm. If you do, without my permission,” SMACK! “you will be punished all the harder.” SMACK! “Is that clear?” SMACK!
“Yes, Mistress.”
Keeping Cherry balanced on my lap, I scooched my bum to the edge of the chair I sat upon. I unbuckled the belt around my waist, took it off, and doubled it in my hand.
“Reach underneath us, Cherry,” I instructed, “Finger my pussy while I leather your bottom with this belt. Your strapping will be finished after I’ve climaxed for the second time. Do you understand?” Cherry nodded her head, and I felt her fingers diddle their way into my pussy. “Are you trying to take a head-start?” I asked pointedly, while at the same time giving her lovely bottom a sharp lick with the belt.
“I was just…” she started to offer by way of excuse, “you said your second climax, that might take a while…”
In his post, Mr. Jones had detailed Cherry’s turn-ons. Cherry didn’t know, but I knew that she loved having a woman strap her bottom, among other things.
“It won’t take me too long, as long as you stay focused. But if you cum, I’ll cane you for it. You don’t want your bottom caned this early in our time together, or it’ll make the next few days seem a lot longer…”
“Yes, Mistress,” she responded with just the right note of submission in her voice. Her fingers were delicately poised on my pussy lips. I brought the belt down hard across the summit of those spectacular orbs. We were off and running.
“That’s a good girl… circle my clit just like that… you’re very good at this…” I haltingly affirmed, all the while lashing her backside with the belt. I groaned loudly, signaling that she was half-way to the finish line. I redoubled my efforts with the doubled-up belt. Cherry really was good at it; I climaxed again very quickly after the first one. It rocked my world, I leaned back in the chair, opened my legs wide, and just rode-out the rollercoaster ride Cherry’s digits had treated me to. When I was back from the heavenly amusement joy-ride, I sat up and parted Cherry’s thighs.
“You’re wet, but it doesn’t look like you’ve cum…” I assessed.
“It was arousing hearing you moan, feeling you jerk about…” she explained as Cherry dismounted and knelt before me.
“I need a bath… I’d like to take one with you…” I said, picking up her leash. She crawled submissively, heeling like a well-trained bitch right beside me as I went around the apartment to collect things I wanted in the tub with us. Those hypnotic eyes grew big when I picked out a rubber riding crop from the umbrella stand, along with Epson salts and another set of towels from the hall closet. I untied the silk lead from the ring so the material wouldn’t get wet.
We got into the big tub at opposite ends. It pleased me to see Cherry sit on one hip, and then the other, unable to sit fully flush on her freshly leathered bottom. Shifting around so much, her big breasts bobbled about at the surface of the water.
“I think the word ‘amazing’ is overused by people today. That said, you have amazing tits! They’re like cannonballs…” Cherry smiled at the sincerity of my compliment. “Mine are just little cupcakes, by comparison hardly…”
“Honestly, they get in the way sometimes! What’s that saying? If it’s more than you can fit in your hands and your mouth at the same time, it’s a waste…”
“Are those pretty nipples sensitive?”
“Yes…” Cherry said guardedly.
“Hold them up, above the water line…” I said, taking the riding crop in hand.
Cherry obeyed, lifting each breast from below, but closed her eyes and turned her face away. I brushed the slapper of the crop against her hardening nipple. Suddenly, without warning, I smacked the tip of the orb with the tip of the crop. Because it was wet, the spank hurt all the more. Then I turned my attention to her other tit, brushing it up and down, tap, tap, tap, then swat! Back and forth between her titty toppers, concentrating just on those two spots. The nipples grew dark red and so long and hard. Being ambidextrous, I reached out and found her pussy under the silken water, fingered her to test her waters.
“You better not cum, Cherry!” I admonished, frigging her pussy as I gave each nip another swat.
“Yes, Mistress, I know, Mistress!” Cherry returned with desperation clearly evident in her voice.
“If you do… I’ll wear your wet rump out with this… I’ll make you pull your cheeks apart and spank your rosebud…”
“I’m being good, Mistress!” Cherry tremulously pleaded.
“I’m going to let you in on a little secret,” I intimated, planting my feet on the tub floor and arching my body up to bridge above the water. “I like my rosebud tickled when I masturbate. Now, I’m going to play back here and I want you to play with my pussy. Licking it might be even better than fingering…”
Cherry decided to use both, got right to work lapping at my clit while fingering the slit. I inserted my middle finger up my tooter, in essence saying ‘fuck you’ to my butt hole and doing so all at the same time. I came. When my eyes could again focus, I pulled Cherry close and kissed her passionately.
When our lips parted long minutes later, I whispered, “I’m loving every bit of our time together, but am I being too hard on you? Tell me the truth.”
“It’s absolute torture and I wouldn’t change a bit of it. It’s heavenly torture! Give me more…”
I kissed her again, and fingered her demandingly as I did. I brought Cherry to the brink of release. She pushed back away from me violently, gasping for breath. As soon as she recovered herself, her mouth was again plastered against mine. This game would never get old, we played at it a while. I could see her nearing a pinnacle, so Cherry interrupted the tryst, “May I shampoo your hair?”
“That sounds like it could be nice…”
It was so much more than nice, it was delicious pampering. She did as the bottle instructed and lathered my head-up twice, a luxury I never treat myself to, but was decadent in how pleasing it all felt.
“May I make a suggestion, Mistress?” I raised an eyebrow by way of reply. “May I trim your pubic bush? Do you want to be clean-shaven like me?”
“On you it looks sexy, but it’s not my style. I could use a trim, though…”
Cherry shaved my labia, shaped my triangle and trimmed it nicely. We dried each other’s hair with the blower. I retied the red ribbon to her collar and led her to the bedroom. I watched her pendulous breasts sway, watched her buttocks undulate as she crawled along beside me. We ordered food to be delivered for dinner. Cherry answered the door when it came, looking virginal, dressed in her floor-length linen nightgown, with the collar and leash tucked-away out of sight.
“That delivery boy wanted you,” I commented when Cherry brought the food in.
“I didn’t notice,” she demurred, her eyes again lowered to the floor.
“Notice. Youth goes by too quickly. Enjoy it while it’s there!”
“You talk as if you were ancient. You are still a lovely woman yourself…”
“The fact that you have to say that says volumes,” I countered.
After we ate, Cherry did all the cleaning-up while I sat and supervised and talked. I led her back to my bedroom, opening the drawer in the bedside table, where I keep all my sex toys.
“Choose the one you want to experience. I’m going to grant you one orgasm before bed. Otherwise, I’m afraid you might spontaneously combust!” We both laughed. While she scrutinized each one, I continued, “Those are all from the Stockroom, my favorite retailer. You’ll notice I don’t own a strap-on. We don’t have time to get one by mail-order from them. So tomorrow we’ll drive to the local Hustler Store. I want to share that with you…”
“Sounds like a plan,” Cherry smiled, then selected a rabbit, a two-headed vibrator that would titillate both her private orifices. I got out a condom, opened the foil and stretched it over the vibe for safety-sake. Cherry laid back on the bed, hiked her gown up above her waist, cocked her legs in the air, and got busy. Both heads look like a soft-serve ice cream cone, being a conical twist to a pointy apex. The bigger one disappeared into Cherry’s pussy as the smaller one touched her anus.
“Are you anal-erotic?”
“Very!” Cherry gasped.
“Good to know,” I answered, and studied her technique closely. “Your ass looks gorgeous!” I complimented.
“It feels gorgeous, still tingly, still sore…”
“Remember that you only get one, make it count…”
“Yes, Mistress… it’s coming…”
To make it a good one, I sat next to her, leaned down and seized her breasts in my hands. I sucked and nibbled on the titties I’d tortured. That was enough to push Cherry over the edge. She groaned and ground the vibe all the deeper into her crotch, muscles flexing, face scrunching, toes curling. I’d latched-on to a nipple and wouldn’t let go. From the outside, it looked like a really satisfying one. I waited until she could again listen and speak before inquiring.
“So good!” she replied. “It was all so pent-up, it was a dam-burster!”
We fell asleep in each other’s arms and awoke nine full hours in the same position, with bed-clothes imprints on our faces and bodies. After some kissing, Cherry disappeared, I assumed to go to the bathroom. But she returned with breakfast-in-bed for both of us.
“I could get used to this…” I sighed.
“I could get used to having a tasty pussy next to me in bed,” Cherry smiled, and gave me morning cunnilingus as I tried to chew a croissant. Her ministrations were more buttery delicious than the pastry. I had to put it down, claw at the sheets, moan and buck my way to another climax.
We looked like we’d been ridden hard and put away wet (because we had), but got dressed still stinking of sex (she did have clothes to wear in that valise, she’d stripped-off for our introduction in the back of the taxicab on her way to my place from the airport) and I drove us to the Hustler Store.


Photos of Cherry by permission of Asa Jones at spanking-emporiun.co.uk

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