#41) How much is too much?

I’m speaking of “cheekiness.” That’s a British term for having a lot of nerve, if you don’t know. Look at the photo, a tourist took it. It’s of your bottom, let’s call her Gina. You, as her Top (gender irrelevant), have tried to set fair limits for her, but she keeps testing those limits, testing you. As you can see, it’s out in public, in broad daylight. She’s cut-off those jeans herself; she’s wearing them hiked-up above her waist. All of this has the desired (by her) outcome of exposing a LOT of cheek. A LOT more cheek than you’d approve of (if she’d bothered to have asked you). She didn’t plan on running into you; Gina thought you’d be at work. The question is, what do you do about it?

I think several actions are warranted. Given that there is no place to sit out on the sidewalk of a city street, I suggest you take her under your arm, with you facing one direction and Gina the other, allowing you to hold her still while you spank her exposed cheeks. Spank her hard, and long, long enough to cause a scene, to draw a small crowd.

Then, with the whispered warning, “Just you wait until I get you home…” you take her by the hand and lead her back to your place. Now the real lesson can commence in earnest. I suggest that you let her keep those Daisy Dukes cut-offs on, that the whole lesson be applied just to that portion of her anatomy that is wrongly exposed. Not to the backs of those creamy thighs, just punish her cheekiness. Rewarm her with another, vigorous spanking, paddle her with that large frat paddle, the one that leaves her satiny skin looking gray and ashy. Paddle her past that stage, until she has two red spank-spot ovals on her bum. Have her grab her ankles while you place vivid welts with the cane on her exposed flesh. Being the practiced expert that you are with this lethal implement, you fit twelve tightly-grouped, perfectly parallel welts on just her rounded rump, stopping as soon as you got to that tender flesh where buttock meets thigh.

Give Gina plenty of after-care, holding her tight, petting her hair, kissing away her tears, whispering sweet things to her. And when she’s better, take her by the arm and lead her back outside. Take her out to dinner. Let her show that ass off in those scandalous shorts now. Now that it’s marked as yours. Ask her loudly why she’s not sitting her lovely bottom down on the banquette leatherette in the diner. Enjoy the fact that she can only sit on a hip.

“What, not so cheeky now, Gina?”

2 responses to “#41) How much is too much?”

  1. Maybe it’s my age showing, but as a switch i can see this from both sides and still arrive at the same conclusion. As a bottom, I suppose “Gina” can do as she pleases, but I doubt I’d be with someone like her for a whole number of reasons. From a Top-perspective? Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have her as a sub. So two different perspectives with the same verdict: Gina would have to be someone else’s problem, but definitely not mine. Gina looks to be just too much work for too little return.


    • “Each to their own taste, said the lady who kissed the cow.” That’s what I heard growing-up. In reality, Gina seems quite full of herself. I think she’d be very demanding. In fantasy, which this is, of course, I take that imperious look in her eyes, and that captivating rear-view as a challenge.
      As always, thank you for taking the time & interest to comment; I appreciate it!


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