#43) Breaking News 1

I plan to post about Kim Kardashian (among many others) starting in about a week. But something just broke in the news, and I wanted to keep this topical.

As you might know, Kim broke-up with Kanye West (who now likes to be referred to as just Ye) and has filled for divorce. Along with publicly saying that he wants to win her back, Ye began dating a stunning model by the name of Julia Fox. Ye hasn’t conducted himself too well (big surprise!), and among other things, stated that he was just trying to make Kim jealous with this Fox romance. They, too, have broken-up. But Julia, as the least known among all the players, didn’t take this turn-of-events silently. I’ve been impressed by her. For example, she just went out in public in the pictured eye-catching dress. (I happen to find it rather unflattering. It makes her tits looked squished, just the opposite of the couture she sported recently wearing a denim jacket with a built-in cone-brassiere. But both looks got noticed.) For another thing, Julia responded tweet for tweet about developments. She stuck up for herself when criticized by reporters, setting the record straight time and again. Now, you may be thinking, as did I when I first heard about all this, that they are three individuals that I don’t care much about. My interest was piqued, however, when it was reported (and Julia confirmed) that, besides being a fashionista, content-creator, influencer-in-the-making, writer, fashion model, etc., she made her living in New York City as a dominatrix!

That little nugget is something I’d like to know more about. Did she work at this calling free lance? Did she have a large clientele? Did her relationship with Ye entail some of this? Did he know that when he first asked her out?

It all made me flash-back on my crazy days as a model in Los Angeles. At a swanky party, I once met a woman who worked in a BDSM club, I think it was called the Chateau, or Dungeon, something like that. I have no idea if the establishment is still in existence. But I was fascinated to hear from this woman (who went by the name Toni, I know her real name, but won’t out her) about her job. She said that she was submissive, performed in that role at work, but occasionally switched to Dominate if asked. I confided that I loved to be spanked, but thought it might dull the keen edge of desire if I got spanked for a living. Toni responded that this was true to some degree, but she wasn’t spanked day-in and day-out. She went on to detail some of the more unusual requests she received. One patron brought a bag of snails, asked Toni to wear a pair of really high stiletto heels, and crush the many snails underfoot, while he masturbated. I let it go at that, didn’t ask Toni to expand any further.

I do wonder about Julia Fox’s experiences in this vocation, in the modern day, in a place like NYC. I bet she has some stories to tell. Having proven that she’s not shy, I wish that reporters had asked her more about that, and less about Ye.

5 responses to “#43) Breaking News 1”

  1. It may not seem like it, but I put a lot of thought into what to post here. But I also want to keep it flexible, spontaneous. That’s why I labeled this as Breaking News #1, I may do this again in the future. Hope that you find it food for thought.


  2. I once read a book about a professional submissive. She didn’t seem to get turned on by it much; it was just a job, but she had some really interesting clients.



    • Any examples you can remember to share, Hermione? It’s not our place to judge, as I know you agree, it takes all kinds, as long as it is all risk-aware and consensual. I find the wide variety of sexual expression fascinating. Thank you for contributing to the conversation, and for being YOU!


      • Curiosity is getting to me, Hermione. Did this author say that she wasn’t turned-on by D/s play to begin with, or that her “familiarity bred contempt” for it? I remember Eve Howard saying on her blog a while ago, when taking about models in her videos, that some women were “one of us” (spankos) and some were thrill-seekers. I found that divide interesting…


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