#45) The Tongue – GRAPHIC CONTENT

As you probably know about me by now, I find spanking to be the best foreplay. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the only game in town. I’m talking about playing around with fellatio and cunnilingus.
From my side of the net in this match, I’m woefully unskilled. I’m a gagger. I have difficulty taking anything into the back of my mouth. I threw-up when my parents first took my temperature orally, I only overcame that reaction when I was fourteen years of age. Previous to that time, it was exclusively taken rectally. To this day, I gag when dental x-rays are taken. I am not a deep-throater! I’m happy to suck the knob and jack the shaft all night long, but some men find this wanting.
Reciprocally however, I do enjoy my partner going down on me. Dildos and vibrators are lots of fun, but the intimacy of my lover licking me down there is beyond compare. Fun fact, they say that one cannot hold one’s tongue absolutely still for any appreciable length of time. Look in a mirror and stick yours out and see. Then peel my pants off and hold your unstill tongue against me! Or, I have a better alternative, a game a lover taught me. Don’t take your girlfriend’s underwear off, lick her with as much force as possible, with as much saliva as possible through the fabric, and see who can get their side of those panties the wettest in ten minutes time. Or (with knickers off) try humming as you lick, or tracing the entire alphabet with your tongue on her opening. Ask her if she likes her clitoris addressed directly, some women do and some don’t. If so, suck on that little nodule, swirl your tongue all around it. Put two fingers inside and corkscrew them around as you tongue-lash her clit. Try to drown that little man in his boat!
Maybe you think I shouldn’t be offering advice if I’m incompetent at playing myself. And I’d answer that charge this way, once this pandemic is resolved, and I’m able to put my bisexual curiosity into practice, I hope to apply the tricks I’ve learned done to me on someone else. Until then, just accept it as a Public Service Announcement for your edification and your partner’s enjoyment.

I intended to end my post there. Then I discovered this photo to accompany the post. I had to say more. Because of this photo. It reminds me of my first time having this done to me. I was in college. His face was “down there.” He said that he wanted to “do it.” I was filled with trepidation. Did I smell? I worried how I’d taste. He answered that he was sure I smelled and tasted like an aphrodisiac. His stubble sandpapered my tender inner thighs, sensitizing me for what was still to come. He continued talking; I heard him not just through my ears, but through my every orifice. His fingers parted me, opened me, his lips kissed my inner lips. It was more than I’d dreamed, more intimate, more nasty, more exciting, so much fun!

“I’m gonna cum!” I confessed and tried to push his face away. He just pressed in harder, tongued me deeper. I came and came again.

As if this wasn’t already all too much, he lifted my legs where he gripped them by the backs of my thighs, and balanced me there in midair with the flat of his hand on my lower back. His right hand, now free, played within my still throbbing sex. His tongue, now free, touched my anus. I was mortified. He pushed it in deep. It felt so wrong, it felt so wonderful.

I warned him again, “I’m gonna cum!”

Again he didn’t relent, just did it more.

That first time set the bar very high for every lover who followed thereafter.

Spanking is still the most potent, powerful, and preferred way to arouse me as foreplay, which only speaks to how highly I regard impact play. But please don’t ignore other avenues to get to your destination. The journey is half the fun, and variety is the spice of life.

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