#47) Role-Play Follow-Up

This post builds upon “Here’s to Your Health” (post #12) and Doctor’s Orders (post #46). I hope you enjoyed those stories; for me, they contained just about everything. They featured a lot of anal play. They touched on age-play, where I can try-on what it feels like to be younger, while still being an adult to give consent. One piece had a butt-bite! As you know, I have a round bottom. When it’s reddened, I’ve had several lovers (when it’s one or two, that could be coincidence, but five or six?) bite my bottom hard. It hurts! But the marks last a long time! So sexy!

I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface of role-play. I may come back (yet again) to the doctor-patient scenario because there’s more gold to be mined there (enemas). You also know (or will) that the teacher-pupil scenario is very rich. In this latter story, I mentioned the cop-outlaw (perhaps hooker) scenario. But there are so many more! How about the rich homeowner- maid, the pirate-captive, the sultan-harem girl, the sex therapist-sex addict, or the deliveryperson-housewife who answers the door in the nude? And an added benefit to all those scenarios is that I could turn it around, after playing the submissive in each, and play the Top role with a submissive female/lover.

So expect to see more role-play action discussed/developed here. I’m having lots of readers email me their praise, I’m having a few nice readers make comments in the Reply section below each posted piece. Thank you! What I would LOVE to have is a discussion, real dialogue about topics. If you have a juicy role-play scenario to share, PLEASE DO!

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