#48) Tennis Haikus

I serve up aces
with no racket, a thick strap
she volleys with yelps

“Okay, jeans off, please.”
“No, it hurts so much right now!”
“Just you wait, my dear…”

She struggles them down
I finish the set grunting
like the pro I am

She whimpers sweetly
Butt cheeks glowing hot, crimson
Time for after-care

Caressing instead
of hitting now, she knows it’s
Love-Love in this match

First, the fantasy of getting to play with another woman, to redefine my orientation from submissive to switch with the right person, dominates my mind at present. I look forward to seeing how I can move this dream to reality.

Second, I think I’ll have to return to this tennis motif in the future. It’s so rich!

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