#50) Her Tennis Outfit

Maybe seeing those college co-eds play on the university courts in their short skirted outfits worn by well-tricked-out sorority girls planted the seed. Of course, I then fantasized about it being even more sexual. (Seeds planted in my fertile, dirty mind have a way of germinating that way.) I love how those short tennis skirts aren’t designed to cover much of anything. I don’t know what they’re called. In cheerleading outfits, the underpants are called “lollies.” Are they detachable in tennis, like in cheering? In my fantasy, I’m playing with a well-upholstered, callipygous girl without those lollies under her short skirt. In front, it barely covers her pudendum when she’s standing still. In back, that shelf of a rotund bottom makes the skirt stick out, covering much less. Because it’s my fantasy, she has untanned, pale buttocks, framed by her deeply tanned legs. Her name in the fantasy is Kim.

“Let’s make the match more interesting. If I win, you come over to my side of the net, get on your knees, and kiss my ass,” Kim says.

I smile in reply, “And if I win, you bend over the net. The payment will still involve your ass, but nothing so gentle as a kiss… Deal?”

I already know how the fantasy plays out in my mind. How’s it work for you?

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