#55) The Lecture Beforehand

“You’ve misbehaved, young lady. You need to be punished. You will be, in just a moment, and most of the evening ahead of us. You’ve had this coming, you’ve earned it, and you are going to receive it in full measure, no mercy will be shown to you. It pains me to have to blemish your lovely buttocks with punishment, but I will do it to teach you the important lesson that you need to learn. Even though bruising your exquisite bottom is a shame, it serves a greater good, so all things considered, I am going to enjoy laying into you, bringing you down several notches, taking you to your desolate and dejected place. You’re going to dwell in those emotions, in your sub space, I promise you, while I punish you with my hand and with a whole host of implements. Only when I’ve reduced you to near-nothing will you be allowed to display my handiwork on your wounded backside from the corner, will I consider your debt paid and your wrong forgiven. I see that you’ve got your bottom bared; I suggest you get your mind ready for what you have in store. Now, get your fanny over my knee…”

9 responses to “#55) The Lecture Beforehand”

  1. Let me state here for the record that although I’ve played around with the fantasies of being with a woman, I LOVE men. I LOVE being Topped by the right man. I LOVE TTWD! Each of us might have heard the line, “This hurts me more than it does you,” before we got up-ended and spanked. I’ve never heard ALL of what I’ve written here. It’s a compilation of everything I’d like to hear in that special moment of apprehension and anticipation. Saying these things would have me creaming even before he put me in my place and started spanking. What would do it for you?

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    • Just FYI, I believe that the lovely lass who is pictured is Lily James, the blond actress who starred in Downton Abbey, just portrayed Pamela Anderson in that sex tape biopic, “Tommi and Pam.” I love the actress’ bottom, I love the juxtaposition of her being naked and the man being fully clothed, I LOVE IT ALL!

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  2. Jean Marie

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog, which I find very arousing, both for the text and the pictures of gorgeous female bottoms. I became of your blog from the wonderful Spanking Emporium.

    Reading your blog, I have reflected on the power of certain words to key us up. This can be very personal and presumably relates to experience and consequent associations. I can’t remember if you have mused on this point in one of your blogs, but I certainly would be interested to read your thoughts.

    In this regard, I like the fact you use the word ‘buttocks’ which works for me, but for others is pedestrian. ‘Bottom’ is the spank-literature standard and is good too. Also pleased you occasionally use ‘lass’ to refer to some of your lovely women/girls – a rarer term with its own power!.


    • THANK YOU SO MUCH for being a regular reader!
      Wonderful comment! For me, “spank” is the most powerful trigger word. I’m a lover of words as much as I’m a fetishist for impact play. (And that’s saying a lot!)
      I’m not a mind-reader, what are some other powerfully-arousing words for you?


  3. Hi Jean Marie

    I value that you are so responsive to comments on your posts.

    My trigger words are shaped by my being a heterosexual, cis-male, switch spanking-obsessive, and by my formative childhood punishments. So, the following definitely work for me: spank, spanking, thrash, thrashing, hiding, bottom, buttocks, curves, naughty girl and naughty boy (although I don’t expect to see that in this blog). Then there are a number of other sexually-oriented phrases not specifically related to spanking – including girl, lass, girlfriend and boyfriend, which have a certain charge for me.

    An unskilfully assembled salad of these terms can leave me cold. The magic comes when they are embedded in a piece with tension, the emotions of the protagonists (particularly the spankee) and a cleverly-constructed narrative. Spanking stories almost necessarily have a certain arc, and the description of the baring of the bottom is a key juncture which, if handled well, gets my pulse pacing. You do very well on these counts.

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    • THANK YOU so much for your kind comments on my writing, Naughty one! I, too, love the arc of spanking stories (because the conflict is often built right in). I plan to publish a story soon about the fluidity of sex roles, testing those waters…


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