#57) Reverence for Bettie Page

On the one hand, it was the repressive 1950’s, the mentality of men in gray flannel suits predominated. Estes Kefauver headed the Senate investigations on Interstate Commerce. Joseph McCarthy briefly ruled.
On the other hand, there was this cute blue-eyed girl with jet black hair and bangs, and a banging body. Hefner used one of her photos to make her the January ’55 Playmate of the Month in his Playboy magazine. The nude shot was taken by iconic photographer, Bunny Yeager. The pin-up also worked with the infamous Irving Klaw, taking photos of bondage and discipline. Her following grew to cult status, is still growing today.
But given that repressive environment, Bettie retired from modeling, converted to born again Christianity. She applied to be a missionary in Africa, but was denied because she’d been divorced. She suffered a mental breakdown, died alone. My heart breaks for her.
I liken Bettie’s life to Van Gogh’s, who never sold any of his paintings during his lifetime, died defeated, but now his works sell for record millions of dollars. Rest In Peace you two.

The pin-up with the perfectly-upholstered bum.

Bondage, spankings, and whippings, oh my!

3 responses to “#57) Reverence for Bettie Page”

  1. Good summary. A lot of folks don’t know about that Born Again thing. I believe she had some “trouble” prior to that which may have led her down that path. One of her disappointments I believe, if I recall correctly, was that she wanted to be a “legit” actress and used her modeling as a stepping stone never realizing it would become a brick wall rather than a path to what she was after.

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