#58) The Magic Hour

As a student of history, I know that on the 11th hour of the 11th day in the 11th month in 1911, a treaty was signed. It was Armistice Day, later called Veteran’s Day in the U.S.

Many people think that numerology has special powers. In military time ten P.M. is 22 hundred hours. So today, Tuesday (having meaning as the 2nd work day of the week) on the 22nd day of the second month in 2022 at 22:22 (10:22 P.M.), we have another special time. You might think of it as insignificant, or as magical, or as witching…

But it you have a lover that you dominate, wake her at this magical moment, kiss her, bare her, ravish her with love-making, with impact play. Make it magical, make it your lucky day…

One response to “#58) The Magic Hour”

  1. I intended to write and post this about an hour ago especially for a friend who lives half a world away, six hours ahead of my time. As usual, the work-a-day world intervened. Nonetheless, here’s to you, Daan!


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