#60) A Magical Night

Last evening I wrote about “The Magic Hour” at 22:22 on 2-22-22. It made me think about this Birdfish portrait, so I thought I’d write a little bit about it.
Let’s call this lovely lass Lavender. She was born with amazingly unique blue eyes. (They said the same of Elizabeth Taylor’s, calling them violet. Lavender’s are a shade lighter, but no less arresting.) Having grown up with people constantly commenting on it for twenty years, lavender is Lavender’s favorite color. Notice her fingernail polish and underwear.
Lavender is going out with Lester; they both attend a university together. Les (he likes to go by Les, and he shortens everyone’s multi-syllabic name down) asked Lav to go on a late night walk with him in the arboretum.
Lav eagerly agreed. She would’ve agreed anyway, but it seemed more important now. Two nights ago, Lav and Les made love for the first time. It went fine. That was the problem. They both wanted it to be spectacular, they really liked each other, but it was just fine, as in mildly satisfying and passably entertaining. But it didn’t live up to expectations or potential.
On their walk on the trail, Les took Lav’s hand, noticed her nail-polish, complimented her on it. He was nice like that, she thought. And then he launched into a one-sided discussion of the other night, what he thought went wrong, what he needed Lav to know. Honestly, Lav wasn’t paying complete attention, she was enjoying being with him and the night was enchanted with all the fireflies everywhere and that full moon and…
Then a word cut through all the clutter. Les said, “spank,” and Lav stopped dead in her tracks. They’d wandered off the trail, into the woods. Lav looked into Les’ eyes and started listening.
“I’ve always had this fantasy, and I thought I might need to… experiment with it in actuality… to get away from love-making that is spiritless and…”
“You fantasize about spanking your partner?” Lavender asked breathlessly.
Lester nodded.
“I’ve always fantasized about being spanked…” she confessed.
They sat at the base of a towering tree and Les began explaining his lifelong fasciation with… and Lav kissed him, held his jaw with both her hands, so he couldn’t pull back and say anything more and deeply kissed him. Then she crawled across his lap, and as she did, she pulled the hem of her t-shirt dress up to her waist. Things fell into place from there. He spanked her so well, meaning it was just hard enough to make her squirm. It was a Goldilocks spanking, just right. He spanked the seat of her lavender underpants and then pulled them down, and spanked her bum and thighs. And it got her so wet, and she could feel his erection pressing into her hip. So they sat up, where Les instructed Lav to kneel there and display her well-spanked ass. Her arms just fell into this submissive gesture, while she saw him produce a condom from his jeans pocket, pull those jeans down, open the foil and put it on. It was really going to happen, wild, passionate sex! She wanted it so badly, she wanted him so much! He was behind her now. She leaned against the tree trunk, arched herself out to him.
It was as if their lack of inhibitions unleashed the same all around them. A salamander emerged from a nearby tree trunk to watch. A fox slunk out of the shadows, pranced across the trail, howled at the moon, and disappeared once more. And the fireflies danced all around.

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