#61) Iggy Azalea and (so many) Others

This fair lady is actually Amethyst Amelia Kelly, but is widely known as rap singer Iggy Azalea. She also is a songwriter and model. We are about the same age, and about the same height. Both JLo and Kim K. are short of stature, with length-challenged legs (I’m trying to be nice), but Iggy has both long legs and a big bum (as do I).
So I felt a natural affinity for her. It kinda ends there, however. I don’t think corn-rows are becoming on most white girls, including this one. She’s in the spotlight. As I see it, she has an unwritten contract with the public to present herself at her best. I try not to body-shame anyone, but Iggy could work on that cellulite. I am no longer a model, and am incredibly busy in my professional life, but I make time to work-out, particularly focusing on my bottom. I hate squats and mule-kicks, but I do those and other exercises daily. I put-in that work to keep my butt in shape. (I also have the theory that vigorous spanking helps break-up that dreaded dimply-ness.) Put another way, say that a person has the God-given gift of a beautiful voice. That individual still has to train the voice to realize its full potential, they must rehearse to sing a song at its best. It’s the same with a beautiful butt. You are marketing your image, Iggy; yours could use a little polishing.
I don’t follow pop culture closely; I don’t have the time and some of it offends me. But Iggy personal life confuses me. She was on the TV show, “The Dating Game” (reboot) but also had a baby boy with Playboi Carti. I bet that her grandmother wishes Iggy would settle-down with somebody of substance, and go by her lovely given name. I know my grandma would.
There are other celebrities with remarkable booties. One that immediately comes to mind is Shakira. There’s a young lady who works-out vigorously to maintain her dancing ability and tight tush. From the past era, there’s Raquel Welch. More recently, there’s Eva Longoria Baston, Sophia Vergara, Jessica Biel, Dita Von Teese…
The bottom-line, since I went through puberty, I’ve been aware of women with shapes that excited me, bottoms that captured my imagination. (Amazing that I didn’t confront this bisexual-curiosity for so long, isn’t it?) All the women I’ve detailed in posts the last few days have great asses and I’ve fantasized about spanking each and every one of them. We all know that this isn’t going to happen in real life, but it’s an inspiration, a thrill to think about. It spices-up these Covid-times.

The south end of Iggy facing north. Good for her for getting some exercise, keep it up, girl.

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