#64) Do It Yourself Story

First, decide about the characters. Clearly we have a schoolgirl. Let’s make her a senior. That way there’s no problem about her making her own (poor) decisions and seeing the need for consequences for those acts, as well as not being a minor. Let’s name her Jane. But the woman in pearls; is she the headmistress at Jane’s school, or the blond’s mother? It’s always best to make things have the highest stakes possible, so by making her Jane’s mom, she has more of an emotional connection. Let’s call her Mrs. Smith.

Second, the setting. It’s clearly depicted in this Birdfish portrait to be a dorm room. When Mrs. Smith surprised Jane by showing-up unannounced, Jane’s roommate, Deborah, excused herself to the room next door. There, the entire floor’s residents are gathered, listening through the wall to what is being said.

The plot also seems self-evident. Mrs. Smith has received a mid-term report on Jane’s grades. They are not up to the bright young lady’s potential. A personal note was included in the report card from the headmistress, stating that they were distressed about other poor choices, Jane has been caught smoking on several occasions, once it wasn’t tobacco, it was marijuana! The conflict comes when Jane, for the first time in her life, isn’t subservient to her mother, dares to talk back, claiming that she’s at an age when she can make her own choices in life.

Mrs. Smith anticipated this. Mothers come prepared. She’s brought with her to the girls school the family cane, the one Jane has felt across her bottom for other infractions growing-up. Jane doesn’t know it, but her mother has felt this very same cane across her womanly backside, when Mr. Smith was displeased by his wife’s choices in life, or things said late at night before bed, or even the tone of voice used. Jane has never felt more than a few moderate stripes across her bum in the past, but today’s situation is more serious than ever before. How many stripes has Jane received already, to make her bottom blush so? How many more are in store at her mother’s hand?

We can make it more complex still, if you like. Thinking that the matter has been resolved, Mrs. Smith leaves her sobbing daughter with the admonishment that the girl had better turn a new leaf as of that very moment. As soon as the mother leaves, her daughter is besieged by co-eds who want to see the damage on Jane’s bared bottom, hear all about how terrible the ordeal was. After the third retelling, Jane leaves to take comfort in the arms of her boyfriend, Jerry, across campus. Jerry rubs cold cream into the abused flesh of the girl he loves. One thing leads to another, Jane loves the way her man consoles her, his healing touch. She stays the night for the first time in Jerry’s room, gives herself to her boyfriend. Mr. Smith was greatly alarmed by the news his wife shared with him over dinner. He feels that Jane’s mother has always coddled their youngest daughter. The cane is employed across the bared buttocks of Mrs. Smith before the master of the house drives to campus to have a “talk” with Jane. It takes some late-night detective work of questioning Jane’s roommate and friends to find out where Jane could be. Imagine Jane’s and Jerry’s surprise when the hammering on the front door at one-thirty in the morning turned-out to be Mr. Smith. That cane sure has gotten a lot of use! Jane is turned over her conjugal bed to receive yet another set of stripes on her well-chastised hindquarters. Does Mr. Smith stop there? Is Jane led by the ear by her stern father to have to sit her burning bottom on the leather of her dad’s car-seat while he drives his daughter home? Is she allowed to continue at this school? Does Jerry get off scot-free? You have all of the elements, construct your own tale.

As always, I thank Birdfish for creating such an evocative portrait, so as to set all this in motion. Check out her work at https://birdfishbunny.weeblysite.com and consider supporting her work at https://www.patreon.com/birdfish/

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