#66) Shadowbunny by Birdfish

I don’t know anything about this portrait, the same as all the previous ones I’ve featured on this blog. But Birdfish’s work is so evocative, a background story just occurs to me, and I write it down for our entertainment. Birdfish has entitled this one Shadowbunny, which I will guess is the nickname for the blond. The blond is wearing the plaid schoolgirl’s skirt, knee socks, and white blouse to suggest she’s a teenager, but she doesn’t have to be. The blond is carrying a notebook and pencil with a fun eraser, suggesting she’s younger than a teen, but she doesn’t have to be. I like to think that Shadowbunny is a “little.” She’s twenty five years of age, but the complexities of the life of a twenty five year old puzzle and overwhelm Shadowbunny. So whenever she can, she likes to act like a girl of ten, draw kitties and horses and bunny rabbits in her sketchbook while she nibbles on cookies dunked in chocolate milk. Her lover understands this need in her, indulges her when he can. But sometimes Shadowbunny misbehaves, pushes the envelope of acceptable decorum past everyone’s limit. She must answer for such willfullness. She isn’t punished like a ten year old would be. As you can see, she’s had her knickers tucked into her butt crack and Shadowbunny has been taken over her lover’s knee and spanked soundly across her buttocks and thighs. She was then made to stand in the center of the room and grab her ankles while cane stripe after painful cane stripe was administered to her backside. Shadowbunny is now headed to the corner, where she’s been directed to go, to show off the handiwork of her lover on her exposed backside. It throbs and stings, and Shadowbunny wants nothing so much as to rub her abused backside. But she knows that she’ll get extra spanks and stripes for doing so. So she takes her sketchbook, and while pressing her nose into the corner and sticking her bared backside out obscenely for everyone to see, she will imagine the calming effect of drawing. And when her lover takes her to bed afterward, and treats her like the woman of twenty five that she is, Shadowbunny will retreat into her thoughts again, into her true self of ten, and will let him do what he wants to do, while thinking about what she’ll draw next, when next she has the chance.

One response to “#66) Shadowbunny by Birdfish”

  1. I wondered, as I read the fictionalized account of Norma Jean Baker’s early life in Joyce Carol Oates’ “Blonde,” if Marilyn Monroe was a “little.” She nor Joltin’ Joe nor Arthur M. ever said, so I guess we’ll never know. I could understand it if she was.

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