#68) Hair Down to There, Hair Down There

That is a September, 1977 Playboy playmate, Debra Jo Fondren. She was voted Playmate of the Year. She isn’t standard playmate material; she doesn’t have big breasts. But her hair made quite an impression. Look at it; she can’t sit down without it trailing on the floor. Imagine the challenges this presented to her in life, imagine her trying to go to the bathroom!
She, like Marilyn, was before my time. But through the miracle of glossy photography, she made just as strong an impression on me, close to two decades after initial publication of her lay-out. You see my father, pillar of the community notwithstanding, had a secret cache of Playboy magazines, a stash I discovered.
Now, hair that hung down to mid-thigh was not the only hirsute reason Ms. Fondren was all the rage. She was not the first playmate to show her pubic bush. That occurred years before. In her pictorial was a shot of her from behind. As you’d expect, she had a tight little drum of an ass. What no one expected was a huge thicket of hair that grew out of her ass crack. It was the same honey color as on her head, but it was so long, it stood out like a horse’s mane between her cheeks. My pubescent mind, which was just dealing with hair growing “down there,” reeled at what I saw! Which, by way of introduction, is my way of starting a discourse on grooming that jungle below the belt.
I don’t like a completely shaved pussy. I think it looks like a freshly-hatched bird. I like a trimmed triangle. I do like shaved labial lips. Long hair there that gets pulled into the vaginal opening, whether coated with jism or not, can be uncomfortable for both fornicating partners. I do like a shaved rosebud and butt crack. It was a mind-blowing revelation that there were salons in Los Angles that both waxed this area, and even bleached it, back in the days when I modeled there. I’ve been a fan of both procedures ever since, and fortunately, those salons have expanded nation-wide as I’ve moved.
I found it amusing that men in my life seemed to just assume I came that way, until one happened to ask. I used that as the ice-breaker to discuss some manscaping of his pubes. This will have ramifications for a future post. Wait for it…

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