#69) The Last of the Birdfish portraits – GRAPHIC CONTENT

The artist Birdfish has a large body of work. I’ve selected a few of those pieces, the ones that really spoke to me, to feature and discuss here on my blog. This is the last one (maybe you’re saying “Whew!” I do tend to get caught-up in a theme or topic or thought and pursue it all the way down that rabbit hole…).

This is a still life. Many artists over the centuries have put together items to sketch in this way. (The prolific Pablo Picasso did many still life portraits; one of my favorites is of a candle and a pitcher and a saucepan. He made it because the saucepan was bright blue. Enamel was newly discovered, as a paint to make jets more aerodynamic, but it also was found to distribute heat evenly on cookware. Picasso was enthused by it because it came in bright colors!) Here is Birdfish’s take on this genre of portraiture. She’s arranged certain inanimate objects, a belt, the sky with moon and stars, a Pothos houseplant, but then added a schoolgirl (in that telltale purple plaid she favors so much) with her freshly strapped buttocks on display. Just like master Picasso, Birdfish has chosen something to excite her artistic sensibilities. The plant has been arranged for its tendrils to wind around the figure’s curves, even as the girl softly breathes, even as her buttocks glow. Maybe Birdfish is making her serve some corner-time in this pose. Maybe, when that penalty has been served, the artist will kiss the model’s buttocks, not with the strap, but with a lingering buss, nuzzling against the soft, warm flesh. Maybe she’ll pull that underwear out of the model’s ass crack, maybe with her teeth, to kiss her nakedness all the more passionately, deeply, profoundly, desirous, intimately, intensely, incendiary…

Two figures writhe on the bed, no longer mindful of that sliver of moon, or all the twinkling stars, or Art. They are concerned only with twinkling eyes and slivers of smiles and a tongue that will not leave that glorious full moon alone and Creativity.

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