#71) Ancient Spanko Riddle

Bonnie posted on her trendsetting blog, bottomsmarts.blogspot.com/ this riddle:

How is a thunderstorm different from someone getting spanked?

One pours the rain while the other roars with pain!

I had to play with this, here’s what I came up with:

Both are a force of nature,
full of sound and fury, signifying everything.
Being caught up in it, one is left drenched,
both sopping wet and wrung out.
When it is all over, there is such an unearthly silence and calm,
the pain can be hellacious, but the afterglow heavenly.
I find that I need the storm's rejuvenation,
the cleansing, the purification,
both its fearsome thunder,
like one hand clapping across my clenched cheeks,
and the sizzling flash of lightening burning my flesh.
But mostly the satisfying sigh that we both utter
when it's all over with,
as my spanker kisses the bottom
he just kissed with hard discipline,
but this time with soft lips and praise and caresses.

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