#73) FYI Thank you!

Technology sometimes confounds me. I knew that I wanted to write (sexy, spanky) stuff and publish a blog, but felt intimidated. So the people at WordPress helped me create this. What they came up with was not exactly what I wanted, so after I launched the blog, I fine-tuned it. On the third day after it was published (as I was finishing the fine-tuning), I had the most people ever check out what I was doing her, with 1,127 views. That was in mid-January. That was up until yesterday. Whether it was because it was a Saturday, when I was free to publish several posts, or because readers were free to stop by repeatedly, or whatever, I do not know. I just know that I had 1,259 views. Normally, it hovers around 900. However many readers I reach, I just want to take a moment to say that I’m enjoying this very much. I’m living the dream! It’s because of you, the reader, and I am very thankful!

4 responses to “#73) FYI Thank you!”

  1. Viewing statistics can be fun, but also know that readership can be a bit fickle. It often declines around the big holidays (Christmas) when viewers have less time. And then sometimes on a random Tuesday you will get more views than ever. The important part is to just keep doing what fulfills YOU, whether that is writing or sharing pics or whatever. I’m glad to have found your blog! 🙂

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    • Very good insights from someone who has been there and done that; thanks, Nora! I’m having lots of fun, though it keeps me so busy (as if I wasn’t already!). And I’m so glad to have discovered your excellent blog! For those who don’t know, please check-out “Finding Strength in My Submission.”

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