#75) Photography 3

I’m about to get snarky. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. To be totally honest, I’ve felt a bit more snarky than usual this past week. It came out when I posted about certain women (Kim K. and Iggy A., in particular). To demonstrate that I’m not usually like that, I had a pang of guilt after posting what I did. If I were in a relationship, it would’ve surfaced. Maybe my lover would notice that I was quiet, introspective, guilt-ridden. Maybe (and more likely), at bed time, instead of putting the pillow beneath my weary head, I’d stuff it under my hips, and confess my feelings to my Top.

“I was a bitch in what I wrote about some people. I feel bad about it. Would you mind taking the hairbrush to me? Give a really good paddling for it. Don’t stop until you are absolutely sure I’m sorry and contrite…” That, and a little wiggle of my bared and elevated butt would do the trick. At least, it used to…

Anyway, I like looking for photographs or other pictures on the Internet to accompany my posts. I’ve been pleased with what I’ve found. I’ve raved about the artistic merit of some graphics. Then I came across the one that’s featured with this post. Generally, I don’t mind that it’s pretty model-types that are the focus in many of these shots. I made my living as a model for years, after all. But some models, besides being a perfect size zero, just seem vacuous, insipid. That’s how I reacted to these two. There doesn’t seem to be anything real transpiring. She’s supposed to have taken a lock of his hair in her grip, but isn’t really holding anything. They are supposed to be staring into one another’s eyes, but nothing is coming across, no sizzle. It looks instead as if, with her eyes averted, she might pour the contents of her teakettle into his crotch instead of his cup. I hate this so much, I almost like it!

What I would really like is if the photographer stopped the shoot, instructed the girl, “Hey, skinny-minnie, really grab his hair to hold his face in place and slap him, HARD, across it, AGAIN! Okay, good. Now, boy-toy, how does that make you feel? Come on, try to feel something! Okay, good, take her over your knee then, if it hurt, and take it out on her trim little tush. That’s it, warm her up good and proper! Now we have a little passion, a little fire…” And his shutter goes crazy capturing the actual heat.

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