#77) A Change Is Gonna Come

On the one hand, I’m loving the blog-o-sphere! I love to write, I love to receive constructive criticism on my writing, I love to discuss TTWD with fellow spankophiles!

On the other hand, I’ve been working nearly non-stop on writing material to post. I’ve seen a relationship between multiple posts daily and multiple visits by readers daily. It has thrilled me to get one thousand readers coming to see my work on some occasions. But, along with a full-time, demanding job, it’s wearing me out!

I became aware of this the other day when new friend, fellow blogger, and kind soul Naughty Nora made a comment on my post #70, “Photography 2.” She wisely commented that the eighty strokes (that I wrote about) with a leather tawse would make anyone behave. Her comment made me realize that I’d been writing too fast and too furious, and had missed clarifying my words. What I failed to say was that not every one of those 80 cracks with the strap had to be hard and punishing. Some would be, but some could be moderate licks, enough to sting, enough to have the desired cumulative effect of a radiant glow. That was the point of the Top’s lesson; she didn’t know what was coming and she should not flinch regardless as a good submissive. But I missed elaborating properly because I posted four separate pieces that day. This has to change. (Let me add that my own tender tushy has received over 80 licks with a leather tawse in one session in this varied manner of administration. Eighty hard strokes would’ve been much more than I could’ve taken, but as it was, I was in heaven. My lover appreciated that, and was the recipient of my appreciation after the lesson…)

I hope that my readership of this blog will grow. But I can’t overwork myself to achieve that. So, at least for the time being, I will post one main piece daily (and maybe a side, related piece for clarification). As the old saying states, Moderation in everything, including moderation. So, instead of posting another rocking horse piece today, I’ll post that one tomorrow. Thanks for understanding!

2 responses to “#77) A Change Is Gonna Come”

  1. Well, I was certainly not trying to tell you that you were writing too fast and too furious! But I do like the message here. Do what feels good for you. And like all things, there needs to be balance. Looking forward to the next post on the rocking horse! XOXO

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