#78) I Stand with Ukraine

At the outset of publishing this blog, I stated that I would try to refrain from talking about politics. But, this isn’t politics, this is human rights, which ties directly to being a self-actualized, fully functioning person, citizen, female, submissive.

It has sickened me to see what Putin has tried. It has heartened me to see the resistance from the Ukrainian people, its leader, NATO, the U.S. sanctions, moves by FIFA, Swiss banks…

It reminds me of some things from one of my favorite movies, “The Big Lebowski.” Walter, played by John Goodman, says things like, “We’re talking about unchecked aggression. This aggression will not stand. This is not ‘Nam, there are rules.”

Of course, you are free to respond, “Yeah, well, that’s just like your opinion, man.”

Now I’ll go back to discussing a natural, zesty enterprise as a fucking lady friend.

6 responses to “#78) I Stand with Ukraine”

  1. While mentioning the news, from what I have seen, I’ve been surprised how empathetic they have been in covering this war, whereas when it concerns wars involving people of color, that coverage is not so much…


  2. Putin and the other politics in office are all global young leaders of the World Economic Forum.

    All are following the orders of there puppet masters.


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