#80) Furnishing Ones’ Home for Functionality

I wish I owned an oversized rocking horse, like the one pictured in the previous post’s story. I’d really like to ride it, I’d really like to ride it hard like Lilly did, I’d really like to be ridden hard, like Lilly was when riding it.
If I did own an heirloom horse like that, I wonder if I’d have the nerve to have it prominently displayed in my home, say right out openly in the living room. It would be a sure-fire conversation starter at the occasional cocktail parties I’ve hosted (in pre-Covid times).
“Do you really ride this thing?” I can imagine Rebecca or other outspoken teacher-friends inquiring.
Would I just blush and say nothing, smile demurely and respond noncommittally, or would I answer in the Out and Open manner I dream about, “Well, not ride as much as present my bare bottom lewdly for my lover to whip…”
I do dream about being that flagrantly honest. It is just a dream. After all, I could invest in something like is pictured here, if I really were. It takes a spanking bench one step further. (A spanking bench is a padded piece of furniture with a lower flat portion to kneel on, and a higher flat portion to rest ones’ forearms on. Or one can reverse that pose and present ones’ ass all the more obscenely. It can feature restraint straps to buckle ones’ wrists, ankles, midriff. But it can be mistaken for just a padded, multi-level seat.) The piece pictured is a lovingly-crafted polished-wooden creation. It looks as though there is a Hitachi wand mounted at the back (to be adjusted higher if it is desired to be applied to ones’ pussy or anus). I love the angle of the footrests, the way they present ones’ bottom!
I once shared a lavishly-appointed domicile with a gentleman for a time. It had a dark-wood-paneled study with overstuffed red leather chairs and a couch. It was a thrill to be punished in that room, probably as close as I’ll ever come to a “red room of pain” like the daft Fifty Shades of Grey book and movie series.
I’d like to decorate my home in an overtly suggestive way. As it is, I just have hints that are visible, a riding crop on display with my Dehner riding boots and velvet-covered helmet in one room, a porcelain pitcher of wooden spoons and rubber spatulas in the kitchen. These pervertibles have been used on my backside more often than in cooking, given my lack of acumen in that latter regard. There is a large antique hairbrush on display on a bedroom end-table. A hint as to its purpose is the fact that there are no hairs in the bristles; it’s for use on the other end of ones’ anatomy. All of these are just hints as to who I am. Do you have similar things out on display? Would you decorate your home with a telltale spanking bench in the open?

2 responses to “#80) Furnishing Ones’ Home for Functionality”

  1. I was discussing something similar with a fellow spanko last week. While I am not brazen enough to leave spanking furniture out in the open, it is a lovely thought to have a basement or cellar where one might be able to do just that. Like you, I purchased a lovely antique hairbrush which sits on my dresser. My husband and I know what it means, and why I bought it, but others who see it usually say something like, “oh, what a lovely antique”. But it makes me smile on the inside to know why I bought it, and why I leave it out on display.

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    • My, we lead parallel lives! (I’m not married, but can relate.) I’ve even had vanilla friends pick up and admire my displayed antique hairbrush while it was still warm from paddling my bum! Secret smiles!


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