#81) Dressing for Awards Season

I love this dress! We’re coming into awards season. We just had the Screen Actors Guild awards, will soon have the Oscars and Grammys, etc. Besides the categories, I watch to see how celebrities dress. (Kind of like how I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.) Anyway, back to this gown. The material transitions from opaque to translucent to transparent. I’d love this dress even more if I could see it from the back, see if it transitioned like I’d like it to. (As a tangent, I’m aware that I’ve ended several sentences in several recent posts with a preposition, as I just did. I feel bad about this! I’m keeping track of this, to confess the next time my prospective Top needs an excuse to punish me. Message me as to how serious an offense you consider this crime, please.) Anyway, back to the back of this gown. As if you hadn’t already guessed, I’d LOVE it if the area covering the buttocks was transparent! I can hear the entertainment shows commenting on it now…

“Say, Gene, did you notice, when Jean Marie twirled around for the many photographers, that the back of her gown was nearly see-through?”

“I sure did, Michele! And did you notice that her backside appeared to be… ruddy… bright red… as if she’d just been… spanked?”

Do you follow haut coiture? Do you follow the awards shows?

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