#82) Her Royal Highness – Part I (of II)

This photo inspired a fantasy. I imagine a kingdom of women. Think about the one depicted at the start of the Wonder Woman series. (I have nothing against men. It’s not personal. But as I get older, I find that far too many erect dicks are attached to absolute dicks. As Tom Robbins said in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues, “Why do men have to be such bubblegum on the soles of our ballet slippers?”) So in my society of women, everyone is a spanko. The Story of O was sexy as hell, but mostly male-dominated and flagellation-oriented; in my make-believe world, the women fetishize spanking. I submit to you that it’s a macho male thing to want to whip a poor backside to ribbons, to break the skin with implements of ass destruction. In this world, women bring each other’s bottoms to a rosy glow. I’ll call my make-believe society The Nether World. The dictionary defines “nether” as the region below, anatomically that would be ones’ bottom and the nearby sexual organ, and that’s what we’re addressing here. But it further defines “netherworld” as Hades, hell, the underworld or land of the dead. What I’m describing is the polar opposite! To keep them from being confused, my hypothetical place is made up of two words. I also don’t want it to be confused with the real world country, the Netherlands. By all reports, this is a wonderful place of mellow inhabitants who have legalized marijuana and sex work. I’ve met some lovely people from there over the years (shout-out to Daan)! Again, I don’t want the two places confused, my creation is the Nether World.
Pictured is the ruler of this enchanted land, Her Royal Highness Queen Beatrice. She’s called Queen Bea by all her adoring subjects. They joking comment that she’s Queen Bea because she stings. She is a dedicated spanko, and ardent defender of the country’s Constitution with its Bill of Rosy Rumps. Bea is reputed to be ambidextrous and can spank with equal intensity with either hand. Contrast the way she is dressed with the character of O in the aforementioned classic by Pauline Reage. In the Story of O, the women all wore dresses that exposed their buttocks, so that men had easy access to be able to whip them. In the Nether World, women all wear flowing capes. The only way to determine if a lass has recently had her backside spanked is by the state of her pussy, which is always on full display. Her sex might be in a state of arousal from other things, a randy thought, for instance, but it is sure to be engorged if she’s recently been spanked. This also entails the ceremonial baring of her backside when put over the knee. This act is called “the lifting of the veil,” and it is described in great detail in that Bill of Rosy Rumps articles, as is the forbidding of wearing all underwear within the country’s borders (at almost all times). Indeed, the laws spell out exactly the minimum and maximum spanking penalties for wearing a pair of detested thong undies, even more strict for the dreaded grannie-panties. What is more, self-spanking is looked upon here as suicide might be in our society, as a tragic breakdown by everyone concerned to take care of a valued member of the tribe.
But here’s the wrinkle in what most people would expect for how things operate in this special land. Everyone knows the basic orientation of every subject in Nether World, whether Dominant, submissive, or switch. But every Dom is occasionally but regularly subjected to being spanked by their bottom-partner. On the last day of every month, roles are reversed for twenty four hours. This tenet of life is complex, so will be discussed in greater detail in Part II.

2 responses to “#82) Her Royal Highness – Part I (of II)”

  1. Sounds like The Nether World is my kind of world! I read the Story of O in my early twenties. I was fascinated at the idea of a lover dropping me off at a place like this…to be trained for him. That is still an evolving fantasy of mine, one that I have written some fiction around. XOXO

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    • Another example of being on the exact same wavelength. Great/dirty minds thinking alike. I’ll take that further, Nora, did you ever peel your panties down or off to sit on a leather car seat? (As O was made to do on her trip to the chateau…) IF you haven’t (and I doubt you haven’t), I recommend it highly! Your rosebud can’t help but pucker-up and kiss the leather upholstery! That book took me away! Thanks for sharing (and I hope that you don’t regret doing so now)!


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