#83) Birthday!

Today is not my birthday. But sticking with the “royal theme” established by my posted story for today (and continuing tomorrow), I want to share a fun fact with you. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth II of England celebrates her birthday twice each year? (Do other royals around the world do this, I wonder?) This isn’t a ploy to get more presents. It is a great idea (for royals and us, the common folk)! I would like everyone to be able to celebrate their birthday whenever they want, however often they want. Hear ye, hear ye, I hereby decree it to be so. So it is written, so it shall be done!
Of course, I have an ulterior motive for this decree. For me, birthday celebrations are synonymous with spankings. I’d love to throw a huge party today, invite everyone who wants to come, with one proviso. You must be a spanko to attend. For me, this means that girlfriends who have shared that they are into TTWD, all my previous boyfriends, friends I’ve met on-line, fellow spanko bloggers, lurkers who want to come out of the shadows, all are welcome. Anyone who is celebrating their birthday on this particular day is invited to attend, with one proviso. The birthday celebrant must come in their birthday suit. (As you probably know by now, I love being as naked as the day I was born!) Every attendee would be issued a special ticket upon admittance. This ticket would entitle that person to deliver one swat to the bottom of the birthday celebrant. This would be wonderfully ritualized, with the party-goer formally sitting and welcoming the birthday person over their knee. (No random spanks coming out of left field at the celebrant’s bum would be allowed.) It would be entirely permissible for the recipient to say, “Please wait a few minutes to redeem your ticket, my bottom is a little too hot right now.” At the same time, the birthday celebrant is entirely within their rights to encourage a favored spanker to deliver more than one spank. And it goes without saying, there would be lots of cake and ice cream, candles and singing.
I’ve never been to a spanking party, like the kind that Shadowlane used to host. I hope the trend will return post-Covid because I’m mildly interested in attending. But this decree about birthday proliferation might just cause spontaneous little spanking parties to spring-up all over the place, all the time. What a wonderful world that would be!

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