#85) Her Royal Lowness (Part II)

On the last day of the month, every month, for the full day, everything changes in the hierarchy of the Nether World society. Queen Beatrice is always polite with her servants, thanking them for doing their duties to make her life as pleasant as it is. She, like most royal personages, is in the habit of treating them like they are not even present, when she is in conversation with her royal almost-peers, for instance.
But once a month, Queen Bea is treated as though she were lower in importance than the most humble scullery maid. And that maid is treated like royalty, literally. Look at the drawing, please. That’s Queen Bea, but without the upper-hand. That’s Edith, the maid lowest in the peeking-order in the castle. Flowing, floor-length capes are cast-off. All citizens are allowed to wear undergarments on this special day, for the sole purpose of being able to peel the onion in layers, if the disciplinarian so desires. Edith so desires. She’s hand-spanking Bea’s bum, as she has once a month for the past three years straight, as long as she’s been in the employ of the royal household. Over the course of that long length of time, the two woman at opposite extremes of the social scale have gotten to know one another very well, much, much better than they would have without this Sadie-Hawkins-like switcheroo. Edith has learned that Bea’s bottom can take a mighty walloping. Edith gives it to her. Bea has learned that spanking sexually excites Edith greatly. She accepts her thorough thrashing submissively
Edith has just pronounced the immortal phrase, oft-repeated throughout the queendom on this day, “This is going to do you a world of good…” It’s not a pat phrase, such as, “This hurts me more than it does you.” This immortal line is really true. It gives all those in positions of power a fresh perspective, a world changing paradigm shift.
Soon Edith will order Bea to take off her thin cotton camisole. Then the spanking will ratchet-up to high gear. Both women enjoy seeing Edith wearing the traditional frilly knickers and maid’s black and white costume. Maybe that’s because she wears it so infrequently. On this day it signifies the high station of the wearer. And true to form, the gusset of those frilly panties is already getting wet. Bea can feel it because the girl is nearly sitting on her head.
And when the vigorous spanking is judged to be sufficient by Edith, she’ll turn around and lie next to Bea, eyes shimmering and breasts heaving and both women panting and both women aroused. It is not imperial privilege that motivates Bea to pull those wet, frilly panties down and off, followed by the uniform. Then lips will touch and nipples will touch and sexes will grind into one another.
“I’ve missed you so these last many days! How long can you stay?” Edith whimpers.
“Do not worry about the past or the future, dearest,” Bea consoles, “let’s just enjoy the now.”

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