#86) Psychological Gesture

The title is a term from the respected old-school acting guru, Stanislavski. I read his series of books back in high school (when I thought my stutter was surmountable.) The term means expressing yourself (or the character you’re portraying) in some extremely expressive way with your physicality (body).

I LOVE this photo! The woman depicted is so beguiling with her “ample understanding” so round and inviting. I love how she’s offering it up for whatever her lover desires. I love the look on her pretty face, saying eloquently that she’s up for whatever that lover has in mind. You want to destroy my ass, get spanking, she’s saying with her eyes. But if you do, you better be ready for what’s sure to follow. She will be as voracious for sex afterward, as she is for spanking right now. All of her “charms” are in the offing. (Please note how I try to use gender-nonspecificity when I can. I’m trying to convey that I’m as open to women accepting what’s being offered as men.) This photo is not of me as a model, but it might as well be; it’s my psyche, my psychological gesture.

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