#87) Differing Perspectives

Building on what I previously said about psychological gestures, I submit these two photos for your approval (I sound like Rod Serling).

In the first photo, a woman is taking a selfie, but being a little naughty by the fact that she’ll frame it to capture her elevated bared butt in the background. This is how I often feel when posting here on this blog, playful, just slightly sinful. It’s intellect-oriented, and from the neck up, I think of myself as a romantic.

But the other photo is more focused on the nitty-gritty, the same pose but from an entirely different angle, capturing split butt cheeks and all the naughty bits. It’s what I’m really showing on this blog, my south end facing north so that my readers can see the true me, the me from the neck down, the erotica writer (pornographer?).

I love the paradigm shift needed to look at the two similar photos. I love that it raises the issue of what exactly is posted here. (They say that porn is recognizable by the viewer, is prurient, whereas erotica is titillating, has the redeeming value of containing a plot and character development.) The photos provide a literal before and aft view. Really look, really see.

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