#93) I Woke Up In a Mood – GRAPHIC

I woke up in a mood. I wanted to spank the pretty lady next to me in bed, or roll over and submit my own bottom to the same treatment from an eligible man.

Alas, no one is in my life at present to fulfill these earnest desires. I woke up alone. Breakfast didn’t do anything to sate this hunger, dull the edge of the ache I felt, the ache I wanted to feel.

Instead of grading papers, or dropping by school to set-up materials for Monday’s lesson, I played hooky all day. I played with my nookie all day, surfing the net to find spank-porn to whet my appetite. I turned on the TV and a golf game was being broadcast. The sound of men putting all their might into teeing-off further aroused me. I switched the device over and put in a DVD of a commercially-made spanking scenario, just so I could listen to the audio, that hypnotic “swish” of the cane through the air, the satisfying “thwack” when it lands hard on a pert butt, her moans and mews, over and over. I replayed the disc as if on a loop. Otherwise, my eyes were closed, my mind conjuring-up better scenarios than they apparently are able to in Hollywood or Las Vegas or wherever the slick product was made. In my mind’s eye, I see a distinguished but undeterminable figure. He says the magic words, “Come here, young lady.” I obey. He lectures, I don’t listen. I’m starting to float above my wet-dream, high on hormones, eager to take the express elevator down to my sub-space. I stop jilling-off just long enough to give my bare butt a solid spank, imagining him doing the honors, imagining feeling humbled, humiliated, punished. I find my rhythm, circle my clit with my left hand while I pound my round rump with my right. I climax, but not satisfyingly, like if the spanking was administered in anger, in full measure, in reality. It all just leaves me hungry and aching for more, which I’ll provide all day long, late into the night. All because I woke up in a mood with no one to ball my jack.

Chelsea and others getting it in real life (or what passes for real life, choreographed spankings to record on film).

7 responses to “#93) I Woke Up In a Mood – GRAPHIC”

  1. Hello

    I know you’re single and I would love to get to know you better if you allow me the opportunity please.

    Thank you


      • Please understand, David, that this is a safe space where I can flirt and be raunchy. Please don’t misinterpret this to be the postings of a sane, centered, self-actualized, rational, balanced (I could go on) person. Sincere thanks for asking, though, truly!
        Jean Marie


    • I wish this conversation can be done more in private between us because I feel we are both on the same path and have similar interests. But I understand your wishes if you want other wise. My name is above please reach out if you are interested in talking in private even through email exchange. Enjoy your Sunday

      Liked by 1 person

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