#94) Seeing the Same Thing Very Differently – GRAPHIC CONTENT

These two, Jen and Jeff, are about to become a couple. That is to say, they are at that incandescent stage, after a couple of dates, when they are going to couple, make love as well as have sex. They have kissed and fondled one another through their clothes. This is the first time Jen is seeing Jeff’s flaccid manhood.
Jeff works out, considers himself buff. He’s proud of his pecs, chest muscles, and guns, his biceps There is nothing he can do about the size of his manhood, however. At this moment he’s thinking judgmentally. How many men has Jen been with, how well-endowed were they? These critical (of himself) thoughts do nothing to improve the situation, indeed, they shrink him further.
Jen is having none of these thoughts. She’s looking forward to what is to come this afternoon. She knows that men generally breakdown into two basic camps in this area, “growers and show-ers.” Jen has been with both types of men. She knows that show-ers, often show-offs, are usually pretty big to begin with, but that growers can amaze with how much a small peapod can inflate into an impressive stalk. Jeff is in this camp. In a mere moment, she’s going to take his manhood into her mouth. She’ll suck it, twirl her tongue around the circumcised head, leave a lot of saliva behind to stroke him with, massage his tentacles, maybe even massage his prostate gland, if necessary. She answers the immortal lyrics of Jimi Hendrix, “Are you experienced?” with a resounding, “Oh, yes!”
So Jeff is in good hands, though he doesn’t know that yet. But Jen is something of a chess player; she’s thinking three moves ahead. When he is erect, she’ll stand up, and he’ll help her take her clothes off. In future couplings, she’ll welcome his interest in reciprocating and giving her oral sex. She likes receiving oral sex. But today she wants his newly enlarged manhood inside her. She’s already lubricated just from anticipation. She likes vaginal sex. She’ll let Jeff get to know her pussy for a little while. But Jen likes something else just as much, maybe even more. Jen likes anal sex. If Jeff can hold off climaxing inside her pussy, she plans to offer Jeff a ride on the rollercoaster that is her very curved rump. She wants him in her butt. Given her unusual taste for rumpy-pumpy, she likes to divide the wheat from the chaff right away. If Jeff isn’t as avidly interested in fucking her ass as he is in taking her in the more conventional manner, she wants to know that sooner rather than later.
Jen is looking at Jeff’s manhood approvingly, though he can’t read her mind, and, therefore, isn’t put at ease. If he could, maybe he wouldn’t have his fears allayed. She is thinking to herself that Jeff seems just right, large enough to please her pussy, but not too big to hurt her tight rosebud. It’s funny how two people can see the exact same thing, yet see it totally differently. It’s funny how often males and females see things this way. I wish it were funny enough to laugh at; often it leaves me perplexed.

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