#96) Lady Madonna In-the-Making

I went to a baby shower for a fellow-teacher recently.
This colleague is resplendent, radiant, ravishingly beautiful, a month before her due date. She was literally so full of life! She embodied femininity incarnate, round yon virgin-antithesis.
I found myself just sitting, watching her open her presents with so much presence, amazed at how awesome she was. (That word gets over used, but fits here. I was filled with awe while taking her in.) She was growing a fully-formed human inside her. This in itself is a miracle. Soon, her body was going to gear-up to be able to birth that incredibly intricate being out of her. A narrow passageway of muscle would dilate, open, expel. Miraculous. Then she was going to be able to feed that being with her body. I was left with no words, left dumbstruck, simply overwhelmed with her miraculoushood in impending motherhood.
All of this just from a little fuckery.

3 responses to “#96) Lady Madonna In-the-Making”

  1. I’m reminded of an old joke. What’s the difference between a toy train set and a woman’s breasts? Both are intended for little ones, but it’s always the daddies who end up playing with them.

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