#98) All Natural

I have a lot of diverse thoughts running through my mind right now. I’m going to try to see if I can get them to gel into one piece, or at least a coherent stream of consciousness .

On the one hand, look at the featured photo, please. This woman makes it look so easy. She looks at ease breastfeeding. Some women have trouble, either with milk production or the baby latching-on well or sensitive nipples…) She seems like a modern day hippy, which is sometimes how I think of myself. She is an earth-mother-type. It looks like this experience, giving birth, nurturing, and raising children will be denied me. Maybe that’s why the recent baby shower effected me so strongly. I identify more closely with this woman’s photograph than the one that accompanied post # 96, where that woman is breastfeeding in what looks like a photo for some glossy magazine like “Better Homes and Gardens,” or “Woman’s Day”… But that woman is smiling while breastfeeding, which made me recall several conversations I’ve shared with mothers in the past. They stated that breastfeeding was more than mildly arousing. This, of course, made me think about those few women who choose to breastfeed their children passed when it’s socially acceptable to do so. If the child can form a complete sentence when requesting the breast to suckle, I think you should start weening, but that’s just my opinion. The entire topic made me contemplate the wide variety of human experience, how we use this mortal coil while we possess it. It left me feeling warm and fuzzy.

To end on a humorous note, I encountered this last photo relating to breastfeeding. Do you think doing it this way would keep those puppies from sagging?

One response to “#98) All Natural”

  1. This is the last I’ll write about breastfeeding (unless readers request a follow-up in this comment section). This week ahead I have several longer short stories that I’m eager to share…


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