#101) Variations on Corner Time 1

“Well played, Sir, well played! That was probably THE most painful spanking I’ve ever received in all my born-days. God, you have a hard hand! As I said at the time, I was trying to take it well, but it just hurt so much. I didn’t try to reach back and protect myself from you, but I couldn’t help kicking my feet and pounding my fists. It hurt! So, you saw fit to punish me further, for disobedience… I’ve only received four cane stripes on one occasion in my past, and that was for something really serious (I’d rather not say exactly what). I thought my last boyfriend was strict, but he doesn’t hold a candle to you, Sir! Six wicked stripes have my bottom on fire! The welts itch and burn and are driving me mad! Then, for you to remove the cushions from this outdoor furniture, make me sit my flaming ass here. Is this your idea of corner time? Out here on the balcony, in front of God and anybody who happens to pass by our apartment and look up…! I’m gonna have a waffle-imprint on my already-striped cheeks! You like that, don’t you, Sir? I think I know something else you’ll like… let me uncross my legs… look, as I part my labia… I’m wet, wringing fucking wet! I’ve never been Topped so, so masterfully in my life. I hate you and respect you and love you and want you! Please let me get up from this damned chair, Sir? Let’s go inside, make love… What? Five more minutes on display? I’d call you a cruel bastard, but I’d be afraid that you’d spank me again and give me even more corner time… So, very well, Sir. As you wish.”

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