#102) Dialogue with My Dom on His Preferred Preferences for My Pert Posterior – GRAPHIC CONTENT

Unlike yesterday’s featured (first) post, this piece is not true. I’ve had a lot of men become infatuated with my bottom. It’s gotten me into a lot of “good trouble” (to totally subvert John Lewis’ motivational term). I took a conversation with a past Dom and stretched it in my imagination; this is what resulted.

“I notice you flirt with your ass,” he said
“It’s big, gets noticed,” I said, “so, yeah.” I liked that this man who I’d just fairly recently let into my life started a conversation this way. I knew Kyle in the Biblical sense, was just getting to know him well outside of the sexual arena.
He pulled me over his knee into the ignominious position that children dread and I adore. His hand circled my roundness.
“I notice you use your ass to sit on and shit with,” he said while pushing my short skirt up.
I snorted at the obvious, a whispered, “Duh!” escaped from my mouth.
I got a stinging spank for that.
“No longer, little girl,” he said authoritatively as he yanked my panties down. Then that hand continued its circling. “From now on, your pretty ass has just two primary purposes…”
“I’m listening,” I said somewhat more contritely. I was also lubricating.
“First, your ass is an erogenous zone. Do you know that your gluteus maximus, your ass muscles, are the biggest in the human body, especially for some body as blessed as yours?” and he gave me another spank. “From now on, your ass is your primary erogenous zone, more than your erect clitoris, or hardened nipples, or in your case, the nape of your neck or the insides of your thighs…”
I loved that he knew me so well after such a short time as my Dom. I arched my bottom up to meet his circling hand. Kyle began spanking me in earnest, hard swats that made my bottom jump and my heart leap. In between wallops, he continued talking, and I strained to listen above the cacophony.
“I notice that when your bottom is heated up, your sex gets heated up.”
I again could’ve said something smart-alacky, but instead said things like, Oh!” and “Ow!” and “Umm!”
“The more I warm this delicious ass, the hotter you get. Not all subs are like that. Most reach their limit and start to turn off. You don’t seem to have a limit when it comes to spanking.”
Kyle gave me fifty three of the same smarting spanks right in a row. I know because he made me count. At number fifty three, I involuntarily orgasmed. Kyle stopped spanking until it passed, then I had to start over counting from one. He was right about me not having a limit about this. But when my butt was on fire and I couldn’t see straight from the pain/pleasure, he quit punishing me and began fingering lubricant around my anus.
“Second,” he said as if we were having a pleasant conversation around the dinner table, “from now on the primary use for this tight spot is to accommodate my greased finger and then my greased cock.”
His divinely talented finger disappeared for a second, only to resume with much more lube and go much deeper up my rectum. I had to concentrate very hard not to orgasm again, but I was a good girl and took the reaming of my tooter circumspectly.
“From now on, when you poop once a day, you can count on getting a butt fucking at least twice. And when you do, no matter how big a thing you are pushing out, you’ll tell yourself that something much bigger has gone in. From now on, your rectum is a two way street, primarily not an exit…”
He pushed me off his lap onto the floor. He began greasing up his erection. With the side of my face on the floor, I stuck my readied bottom as high into the air as I could and parted my round cheeks with both hands.
“I want you to know,” I whispered, “that your words struck home, Sir. They didn’t enter my consciousness through my ears to my mind. They didn’t reverberate into my body cavities like sounds at high decibels can. Your words went straight to my new sex organs, entered me like your cock is now up my anus, reverberated into me like a hard spank. Your words could not have resonated in me more if you had struck a tuning-fork and put it up me…”
So began this school teacher’s education on how things were going to work from that time forward with this uncompromising Dom.

12 responses to “#102) Dialogue with My Dom on His Preferred Preferences for My Pert Posterior – GRAPHIC CONTENT”

    • I’m trying to adult more now that I’m in my 30’s, Christian_who. Previously it was as if my butt was my brain; my butt dictated most of what I did! Thank you!


      • I just read your about.
        Is there a connection between the fact that a person is a stutterer and a predilection for spanking and anal sex?
        I have been stuttering for 55 years. It does not bother me. It turns me off.
        But just as long I like to be spanked and fucked in the ass.

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  1. Christian_who, I’m laughing as I read & reply! I don’t know of a connection, would love to see a scientific study. I do know that when I’m being fucked and it’s really good, I could not put a coherent sentence together…

    Liked by 1 person

      • It is, it is. After reading this I felt the urge to deliver a spanking. My partner and I work from home. So I told her to get in the bedroom, bare her ass and lean over the bed. Grabbed my favorite paddle and proceeded to give her a rosy red ass.

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  2. I would wager that your favorite paddle is NOT your partner’s favorite; am I right?
    As I’ve discussed with readers, my most cherished moments in the whole process are 1) the anticipation before, and 2) the after-care post-punishment. Here there was no anticipation, or very little. So how was the after-care? Are you and your partner like me in thinking that after-care can best be expressed with passionate sex? (I hope that you and your partner are in agreement, one way or the other!) Care to share any details about that? Inquisitive minds want to know…

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    • You are correct about the paddle, my favorite is not hers at all. The anticipation can be as much fun as the actual spanking itself many times yet while there was none of that today the spontaneity was just as fun when her eyes got as big as saucers when she realized what was going to happen. Thankfully we are very much in agreement on how we like aftercare, yet due to family obligations we didn’t have time for the passionate side of things which is okay, she did get her cuddles which she does love.

      But I did leave some nice marks and with some prodding of said spots that will awaken desires later when the day has ended.

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      • Thank you for sharing that! I hope that your partner shares my love for being marked by her lover. I have submissive friends who call their bruises a “galaxy,” or the “universe,” or a “rainbow.” It makes me smile to call my multi-colored bum my rainbow because it makes me feel like a unicorn, horny and magical. Have fun tonight!

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