#106) Variations on Corner Time 2

“Well, I’ve got to give you credit for creativity, Sir. I’ve never had to serve corner time like this… Did you do research to find the most trafficked place in our whole apartment complex? Everybody and his brother seems to come by here, either on their way to the elevator, or to go up the staircase here. How many people do you think have walked by already? Oh, you’ve kept count? I should have known. How many exactly? Fourteen men and twelve women. Is my bottom still glowing as bright as it feels? God, you gave me such a strapping! It hurts like holy hell sitting on this stair-rail post! But I love the feel of the banister between my thighs! I’ll tell you a secret IF you promise not to punish me any further, okay? Okay… I’m polishing the banister with my jism; I can’t help it! I’m so fucking turned-on! No! I don’t like being put on display, but when has my body ever followed what my mind thinks? I’m the girl that, the harder you punish me, the wetter I get, remember? I guess I should thank you for one thing. Thank you for letting me wear this face mask! Do you think our neighbors recognize me as they pass by? Have you looked at their faces? I haven’t dared to; do most people look pleased, turned-on, surprised, intrigued? All of the above, you say? With a few women looking disapprovingly. I guess that’s to be expected. I bet our next-door neighbors recognize us, they’ve overheard us playing impact games, I know they have! I don’t know what I’m saying by ‘recognize us’; you keep hanging back in the shadows! I’m the one being seen clearly. NO, I’m not complaining, Sir! NO, I don’t need a refresher-spanking! Please, no; I’ll be good, I’ll be quiet. But how much longer must I sit here, please, Sir? Let me put things right with make-up sex in the privacy of our apartment, please, Sir. You have one more game to play first, what’s that? You’re going to give my bottom one swat for each stair-step I take up the whole flight of stairs? That’s a lot, Sir! Yes, you’re right, Sir, the sooner we get started, the sooner it’ll all be over, and we’ll be home behind closed doors. I’m ready. Can I take two steps at a time? Ouch! Yes, that was foolish of me to ask such a question, thank you for the swat, Sir! What? You think it’d be a good idea if I asked and answered for each stair-step spank? Okay… May I take a step up, Sir? OW! Thank you for that! May I take another step up, Sir…?”

8 responses to “#106) Variations on Corner Time 2”

  1. The pic and the post blend to perfectly p ortray a highly erotic scene. You write very well ! Erotic plus a little humor for more color. Thanx for sharing this great post!!!

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  2. I experienced, many years ago, something comparable.
    I got from a young woman in a public space, first an enema and was then fucked with a strapon. The audience has hardly taken note.


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