#109) Variations on Corner Time 3

“You’ve upped the ante, Sir. I cannot see your bet, or raise you. Having me spend corner time in our hotel lobby tops everything you’ve demanded of me in our entire two-year long relationship! At least we’re far enough from home so I don’t think anyone will recognize us here. Do you think many other guests noticed how red my ass is? God, that hairbrush paddling was all I could handle! Every time I thought it was over, you’d say that you thought I needed another dose, and then give it to me! I tried to take my medicine like a good girl; did I, in your opinion? Your opinion means everything to me, my love. You know that. Do you think that this corset is too revealing to wear in public? I’m glad I’m wearing the black panties! I am going to get to continue to wear the panties, aren’t I? We ARE out in public! Thank God! And thank you, once again, for the use of the face mask, Sir! I wouldn’t want any cell phone photos to surface in the future.
Oh, I’m sorry, Sir, you are correct. I should be focusing on my corner time experience. The marble surface of this coffee table feels wonderful, if I have to sit on my blazing bottom! It’s so cool to the touch! What if I leave evidence of my arousal behind when I’m allowed to stand up? God, I’ll die! Yes, of course I’m excited, you know what punishment does to my libido. What? You WANT me to leave a tell-tale reminder that I’ve been sitting here creaming? That’s so you, to be so casually cruel, Sir. Okay… what am I feeling? I’m feeling chastised from the paddling. I’m feeling hugely humiliated out here in public like this. At the exact same time, I’m feeling secretly proud to show off like this. I’m showing all these strangers who I really am at my essence, that I’m kinky and submissive and proud of my body. But most of all, I feel incredibly turned-on and fully alive! The only thing that could excite me more would be if you sat on the couch behind this table, and ordered me to assume the position over your knee, and for you to spank my bottom soundly, and then take those panties down, and spank me more. Make me beg for your mercy, then refuse to show me the least mercy! Are you ready to join me in being Outed as a spanko? Are you ready to risk being thrown out of our hotel? Maybe even arrested for indecent exposure and public lewdness? I guess, when all is said and done, that I can see and raise your bet, Sir. Well…?”

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