#111) Variations on Corner Time 4

“I guess I should call you Daddy from now on… I’m glad that you still have a sense of humor, that you laughed at that little joke. It didn’t seem like you still had it in the store. Spanked me up and down every aisle! Spanked me like I was a naughty little girl throwing a temper tantrum! And those weren’t child-friendly spanks! God, you wore my poor little butt out! Look at how red it is! It was totally because of how authoritative you were that no one stopped you. I couldn’t believe that shoppers and clerks alike just looked away, like I was embarrassing them for being a naughty little girl, like I deserved what I was getting… That’s why I think you ought to be called Daddy from now on. Daddy. Mean, old, hard-spanking Daddy. Want to spank me all over again for insolence? Right out here in the sunshine? Ow! Ow! Okay, please let that be enough! I really am sore!
So, how long do you want me to stand here on display? I’d rather we go home. I can think of lots of better things I’d rather do than stand here having shoppers and passers-by gawk at my red bottom. Can you think of any? Yeah, that’s the one that came first to my mind, too. Great minds must think alike…”

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